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  • The government has asked the U K Medicines regulator to formally assess the Pfizer beyond tech vaccine.

  • If approved, it'll begin to be rolled out across the country from next month.

  • It comes as official figures suggest that coronavirus infection rates are leveling off in England and Scotland on decreasing in Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • The our number for the UK continues to fall and is now between one and 1.1.

  • Health editor Hugh Pym reports.

  • Ah flu jab today for a member of staff A GP practice along with others in England.

  • They'll soon offer free vaccinations to all patients aged 50 and over sleeps office, so a very busy few weeks ahead.

  • But then there's the co vid vaccine as well, Assuming it's approved things.

  • Doctor told me they're ready to start when given the word.

  • Well, there'll be huge logistics involved with that in terms of texting patients writing to them, phoning them, which takes a lot of personnel, obviously the personnel actually to do the vaccinations.

  • But we have done that already.

  • We've done it with vaccination programs for flu.

  • A today's Downing Street briefing.

  • The health secretary set out more of the plans for the co vid vaccine rollout in England.

  • We will be ready to start the vaccination next month with the bulk of the roll out in the new year.

  • We're heading in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go.

  • Coronavirus remains a grave danger right now.

  • So what is happening with the virus?

  • The our number for the UK is down a little, but it's still just above one showing it's spreading.

  • The Office for National Statistics survey for the weekend in November the 14th says that in England, one in 80 people were estimated to have coronavirus, which was similar to last week.

  • In Scotland, it was one in 155 on rates had leveled off.

  • In Wales, it was one in 165 with rates decreasing over the past two weeks.

  • In Northern Ireland, one in 135 had the virus, with rates decreasing over the most recent four weeks.

  • Some of this may reflect different lock down plans and timings, one expert says.

  • In England, they're a big regional variations.

  • It seems to be very much that that the North, West and Yorkshire we're going down on almost everywhere else is going up on some places going up quite quickly on until we understand that or reverse that everywhere.

  • I don't think I didn't think we could say the lock down is working, so I've asked.

  • The NHS health secretary said the data was promising and the second peak was flattening.

  • He and others must decide what happens after full lock down ends.

  • How strict will restrictions have to be in England after December?

  • The second on over how many days might there be some relax ation during the Christmas season?

  • We still haven't made those decisions over Christmas.

  • I know how important it is for people that we have a system in place, a set of rules that both keeps people safe but also allows people to see their loved ones drive through.

  • Centers like this one in Greater Manchester are delivering the flu vaccine, but soon will come the much bigger task with the hope of getting all adults vaccinated against co vid 19 by the spring.

The government has asked the U K Medicines regulator to formally assess the Pfizer beyond tech vaccine.

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