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I was hanging upside down for quite a while with my white knives flying through the air
and I was thinking, I wonder what this is going to be.
It can only really be one thing... The hobbit is back for its second installment The Desolation
of Smaug.
And the stars were out in full force for its LA premiere with Evangeline Lilly - who plays
the elf warrior Tauriel - joking about stunt scenes with Orlando.
And then I would have to step down and be humble when they would say, your neck is precious.
We can't put you on a wire.
But this guy, Orlando. He got to go on the wire, and I was really annoyed about that
at first, but I finally realised. You know what that means? His neck's not as precious
as mine.
And while Martin Freeman - who plays lead hobbit Bilbo Bagigns - was also there...
You always just want to do the job. You have to focus and concentrate on whatever the scene
is, and you've got to play the stakes of that scene for real.
It was the film's mega fans who made the most effort. Now that's dedication.
Where are you?
Come now. Don't be shy.
Step into the light.
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The Hobbit premiere: Orlando Bloom and Martin Freeman hit the red carpet for Desolation of Smaug

659 Folder Collection
Nina.Tyler.H published on June 29, 2014
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