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  • Hey, I'm Vanessa Hudgens and I play Stacy, Margaret and Fiona in the Princess, which switched again.

  • I'm here with Buzzfeed, and I'm about to take a quiz to figure out which Vanessa Hudgens character I am most like.

  • I have to choose my favorite festive drink.

  • We have eggnog, which I've actually never tried.

  • Hot chocolate, apple cider or mold wine.

  • My favorite is mold wine and make it every holiday.

  • So, yeah, choose a Christmas activity building a snowman, decorating the tree, making a gingerbread house, singing Christmas carols, writing letters to Santa.

  • You're going on a sleigh ride.

  • I'm gonna have to go with singing Christmas carols.

  • I started a new tradition where I hire a pianist for my holiday party, which obviously will not be happening this year, but eventually and she comes to the booklet and everyone sits around the piano and scream sings Christmas carols.

  • Basically pick a desert cookies, cupcakes, Brownie rpai.

  • I'm not really like a sweet person.

  • I'd rather eat pasta for dessert, but this is a red velvet cupcake, and that is my cake of choice.

  • If I have to pick so cupcakes, what is your favorite part of Christmas?

  • getting time off from work The food, the parties, the presents, spending time with family, the music and decorations.

  • Maybe I'll go with the music in the decorations or spending time with family.

  • Sorry, music and decorations.

  • Choose another Netflix Christmas movie.

  • A Christmas Prince Holiday, Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey, Holiday in the Wild, Let It Snow or The Holiday Calendar.

  • I'm a Support, My Girl, Emma Robert and Say Holiday eight.

  • Pick A Christmas Song Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson.

  • All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande Christmas in the Hollies by Run D.

  • M.

  • C.

  • Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt or Police Navidad by Jose Feliciano I am a sucker for old school Jazzy Christmas music So definitely Santa Baby by earth Finally, Have you been naughty or nice?

  • I think that if you've been naughty, you should reevaluate your life So nice I got a broke.

  • Of course I did because I created her.

  • I birthed her from my own brain.

  • Whoever said having a good time was a crime.

  • Your fun magnetic and the life of every party.

  • You look finer things in life and you strive to enjoy everything you dio.

  • Sometimes you struggle with the weight of responsibility and the pressure to live up to expectations triggers your fight or flight response.

  • You may run away from your problems, but no matter what, you learn from your mistakes.

  • Deep down, you're a person with a big heart.

  • Wants to do the right thing, Theo.

  • Well, there you have it.

  • I am most like Fiona Pembroke, which is not really a surprise, because make sure you guys allowed to the princess, which switched again coming to you on Netflix November 19 high mhm.

Hey, I'm Vanessa Hudgens and I play Stacy, Margaret and Fiona in the Princess, which switched again.

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