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George... We've been having a house meeting.
You're having a house meeting? Why wasn't I invited?
Well, if you were ever here, then we would have invited you.
Hang on a minute...
You're not pulling your weight around this place.
What's that supposed to mean?
You don't buy any food, you never hoover.
I don't even think you know what a pair of Marigolds are.
I don't do Marigolds. Oh, and I do?
OK. Do you know what?
I think that we've all just lost sight of each other a bit.
We need to team-build, we need to bond.
But I'm not going paintballing, not again. Not after last time.
We need to talk. So... George, you start.
Are you OK? I've been better.
We should go out one night and just get hammered.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
That's it? That's how you share? What more is there to say?
Yeah, he's feeling a bit down, which is pretty understandable.
And I'm kind of stressed. We don't need to turn this into an episode of Oprah.
File it under, "Have Discussed". You want to watch The Real Hustle?
Oh, I'd really like that.
Women - you think you're such authorities,
like the way you deal with emotions is the only way.
It's not on. Yeah, it is. It's on at 10.30.
No, they've moved it. No, you're kidding me?
Oh, I don't believe it. No, I was looking forward to that.
10.30, Thursday!
That's Real Hustle time. A fucking child knows that!
Can I not just have one good thing in my life?
It just drives me insane when they move stuff around!
Don't I deserve one bloody crumb of happiness?
We're supposed to check? Every week? Like we don't have anything else to do?
Is it our responsibility?! Why is it down to us?!
I saw a preview. They were going to do a con about cashpoints.
Really? I would have loved that. You bastards! Argh!
I'm doing the washing-up!
Is everyone happy now?!
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Being Human - man talk about emotions

712 Folder Collection
Nina.Tyler.H published on June 29, 2014
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