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  • okay?

  • Yes, Norway.

  • I go No way to No, no, no, not you.

  • On the bow, I go No way to Paul.

  • You help me on the trip.

  • But you're very busy here with humanitarian activities on your own.

  • At your cleaning business.

  • Veronica and other ladies know every place they do for May I pay them good.

  • No problem.

  • I go No way.

  • Colony People invite me so many times, but I never go feel so so guilty.

  • They sold nice people.

  • What?

  • Who invited you when I hospital?

  • So a long time after TV box People are over world Send me hippie card flower candy Make me feel good.

  • So many letters.

  • One letter.

  • Very special.

  • I never forget from yoga and a Bjornsson.

  • You got a letter from Jurgen as Bjornsson.

  • Dr Evan Johnson, Right May.

  • So he feels so, so bad I suffer for he felt he said he painful.

  • He never think may smile so bad for people.

  • Dr.

  • Allison letter made me feel so good.

  • I write a letter to say now.

  • First time I happy Be small.

  • Hey, say may make trip go Norway any day But I'm too busy.

  • Always busy now Jesus.

  • Give me special gift or no way.

  • Thank you, Mr Lucien.

  • Thank you, Mr Conrad.

  • Yes, I go to Norway to so happy.

  • Thank you, Bishop.

  • Time.


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