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  • Sorry.

  • What news for the methane release in Antarctica.

  • You must know about the methane.

  • Yeah, that's not That's not new, is it?

  • I mean, you are old.

  • It's the end.

  • It's the end of everything.

  • The world has already seen five major extinctions.

  • Another will be another.

  • I didn't want to believe it.

  • None of us did.

  • But there we were in Helsinki, big and small.

  • Climatologists, bacteria, largest demographics, physicists, immunologists, 26 Nobel price winners among us.

  • We built all the mothers did all the math on.

  • Our conclusion was consistent.

  • Humus happy ins will soon vanish from the earth.

  • It is now on actuarial certainty.

  • No matter how, then will come.

  • Environmental disaster.

  • Pandemic disease Unbreachable Aaron Portable water.

  • Not enough food, Nuclear winter.

  • Some combination of them all.

  • Relatively soon, the earth will indeed perch itself of human life on God knows how many other species Do you really mean extinction?

  • What about downsizing young and too little too late.

  • Only 3% of the world has been notarized.

  • There simply isn't enough time.

  • Oh, not a very successful species.

  • These homos I peons.

  • Even with such great intelligence.

  • Barely 200,000 years Alligator has survived 200 million years with the brain.

  • Desai's over walnuts.


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