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  • the Buccaneers will win the NFC South.

  • Is that an overreaction?

  • Obviously not an overreaction.

  • We've been talking about it since the off season, and they're right there behind the Saints.

  • Now.

  • They have to pass the Saints, obviously, because they lost to them twice on.

  • Therefore, the Saints have the tiebreaker, but the Saints just lost their quarterback for We don't know how long and think about this.

  • The Buccaneers.

  • I want the former players in here to China, and the Buccaneers don't have to get on a plane again for a month there.

  • Next road game is December 20th, veteran team, some older guys that matters this time of year.

  • They have three home games in a by, Yeah, it's a very good point.

  • They also don't have any cold weather games.

  • They will not have to deal with that, which helps when you have a 43 year old quarterback and more.

  • So let me bring those guys back in here.

  • And Marcus, I want to start with you because this it confounds me.

  • A week ago, we're having a conversation of what's wrong with the Bucks.

  • They just got shellacked by the Saints.

  • Now here we are.

  • Oh, they clearly looked like the team to beat.

  • What does that mean?

  • What are we supposed to say about them?

  • Well, first, we were supposed to say we've been on the damn roller coaster with him.

  • G.

  • That's number one and then the second three years.

  • They're the best team in the NFC now.

  • Like, look, this is fluid, like everybody knows, like when we were watching these games.

  • And obviously, if Drew Brees hadn't gotten hurt, this would be a new point.

  • But the fact that Drew Brees is out for the New Orleans Saints obviously changes the dynamic of that.

  • And Tampa is the next best thing when you start talking about teams that are complete.

  • We talked about this team being complete.

  • We talked about this team being able to manufacture yards at a high clip and look.

  • Coaching has been responsible for the downfall, Tom Brady's play trying to live in and and how's himself within that culture.

  • But it looks like they got back toe what they could do against the Carolina Panthers now.

  • Hopefully, that's what they take forward going going the rest of the way, and that's the best team in the NFC.

  • Alright, Jeff Saturday.

  • Let let me come to you on putting it this way.

  • If you had to bet something that if you have to bet that palatial estate of yours in Atlanta, Georgia, there on on which team is going to wind up winning the NFC, do you take the bucks?

  • I've been all in on the bucks the whole time, Greeny.

  • I'm not changing now, man.

  • I've already pushed all then you know what I mean.

  • Listen, swag, You said it.

  • I fully agree.

  • I think when you look at the Bucks, they're a complete football team again.

  • Drew Brees.

  • Injury definitely helps and makes me feel much better about my push because I don't think he'll be back in three weeks.

  • Probably not.

  • We're like a six week type thing, in my opinion, but that's the only team that's really been there.

  • Kryptonite.

  • So if you're looking at this team, the Onley caveat.

  • I would say the only issue for me with with the Bucks offense is Tom Brady and the deep ball.

  • That gives me concern when you talk about that portion, right, because when you're when you're talking about, he has one of the lowest in completion rates, or he has the highest in completion rate off 20 plus yard balls down field.

  • That gives me pause and concern, because that's really what be a wants to do.

  • So when you're talking about that, that part has to get better.

  • And here's the other part that no one talks about.

  • That frustrates receivers.

  • When Evans wins, he wants the ball.

  • When a B wins, they want the ball right.

  • When Grant wins gets over the top, you got to make those plays.

  • That has to happen for this Bucks to stay in that offensive rhythm, Who would have thought we'd say Brady might be the question mark there?

  • Right, Greg?

  • Same question to you who, right now you have to bet it all.

  • Who is the team that wins the NFC?

  • Give me the Bucks.

  • Saturday talked me into it.

  • I thought it was funny that Graziano mentioned a plane flight, given the fact that the Bucks were delayed, like eight hours on the ground on Saturday night.

  • Just last week, I like the Bucks, and he mentioned the deep ball.

  • To me, it's a much about what the Saints aren't right now.

  • And that's what I just don't know what they're gonna be without Drew Brees.

  • So you could tell me 23 weeks.

  • No chance.

  • I'm broken ribs with an aging quarterback.

  • I'm thinking five or six of the minimum, So I like the Bucks in large part due to what the Saints don't have.

  • And that's a Hall of Fame quarterback pulling the trigger.

  • So it is unanimous here.

  • We all like Tampa Bay.

  • We shall see E.

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the Buccaneers will win the NFC South.

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