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- Good morning Bob! - Oh hello Daniel!
Hey Bob, I've been learning these words for two weeks, but I still find it difficult to memorize them.
So I'd like to ask for your advice on how to learn vocabulary more effectively.
- Let me take a look, Daniel. - Sure.
How did you find these words?
Well, I've been reading passages and articles from different sources, including newspapers, magazines, and websites.
I just picked the words randomly from those sources.
Do you know how to use them?
Not really.
But I've checked their meanings from the dictionary.
Can you remember the meaning of each of them?
Look! These words come from ten different sources, so they're going to be used in different ways.
How do you know they're common words that you need to learn?
Oh, I just picked the ones that I don't know.
I suggest you choose words that you want to learn from one source.
That way, you can learn them in context.
When you're reading there are some words that you can guess from the context, but there are other words that you really need to write down in groups so that you can memorize them.
But how can I organize the words and phrases that I want to learn?
Well, you could classify them in alphabetical order or, group them according to the part they play in a sentence.
So, verbs, nouns, adjectives and so forth.
You could group them by meaning, or by topic or even by level of difficulty.
Ahh, I see, thanks.
- I'll find out more about these words by checking them out in a dictionary. - That's a good idea.
That way, you can learn how to use the words correctly.
Let's have a look at the words you've learned next time.
Sure, thanks a lot, Bob.
- Hi Bob! - Hi!
Thanks a lot for your advice.
I've now learned quite a lot of words in different contexts; they are all in here.
That's great. I can see you've grouped the words according to different contexts.
Do you know how to use these words now?
I've checked the words in a dictionary to find out their word class, pronunciation, meaning, and how to use them in different situations.
I've also put down some example sentence structures to help me remember them better.
Now I understand how to use each of the words correctly.
Very good.
Don't forget to recycle the vocabulary, too.
Use the words you've learned as much as you can.
Yeah, I'll try to use the words I've learned by reading, listening, speaking and writing about the same topic for a period of time.
Yes, you'll find that the same words keep coming up in similar contexts, so that means you'll be more familiar with how to use them correctly.
Thank you Bob.
- See you later! - Bye!
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Learning Vocabulary

364933 Folder Collection
WangShou Kao published on June 29, 2014    Erin Chuang translated    Resa Sui reviewed
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