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  • Air is a remarkable substance.

  • Not only does it allow us to breathe,

  • which I think we can all agree is a good thing,

  • but if you compress it and contain it,

  • you can have loads of fun.

  • Like defying the laws of physics.

  • Or for wacky furniture.

  • Whack!

  • See?

  • The secret to understanding and using compressed

  • air is to realize that all it wants to do

  • is stop being compressed air.

  • It wants to escape and in so doing air

  • teaches us valuable science on pressure differentials

  • and conservation of energy.

  • If air in one part of a container is compressed,

  • it will apply pressure to all other parts

  • until all areas are the same pressure.

  • This is due to conservation of energy.

  • When a container of compressed air is open to the atmosphere,

  • the high pressure inside equalizes

  • with a lower pressure outside, producing

  • a force as the air escapes.

  • And whatever is containing the compressed air needs to have

  • the material strength to withstand

  • the pressure differential, otherwise, it will fail.

  • To sum up, pressure changes will be transferred

  • to all parts of the container.

  • Give something at high pressure an opening,

  • and it will take it and escape with force.

  • And finally, whatever you do, make sure the container

  • you're using is strong enough.

  • So now you know.

  • But do our researchers know?

  • Yes, they do.

  • The jumper has cleverly demonstrated

  • a basic pneumatic system.

  • He adds kinetic energy, with his jump, which causes

  • a pressure change in the bag.

  • And due to conservation of energy,

  • the kinetic energy is transferred to her,

  • and she then transfers that same energy to the bedside table

  • via her head.

  • How about something a little more high tech?

  • Surely these amateur rocket engineers

  • understand pneumatics.

  • Turns out, they don't.

  • The young researcher was trying to compress

  • air by jumping on the pump.

  • Unfortunately, he misses.

  • But Oliver does it.

  • When the pump is pressed, the pressure differential created

  • applies a force that launches the rocket.

  • Good to get a closer look at the physics.

  • Understanding the science allows you to take

  • advantage of the science.

  • Like building a beach trampoline.

  • Fun times.

  • Yeah, less fun times.

  • The membrane of the beach ball didn't have the material

  • strength to contain the higher pressure produced by our more

  • sure footed researcher.

Air is a remarkable substance.

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The Secret of Compressed Air | Science of Stupid: Ridiculous Fails

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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