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  • so these coils of dough are actually Chinese noodles, but instead of wheat, they're made of haute mhm.

  • China is noodle heaven, wheat noodles, rice noodles thin, thick.

  • The list of options is endless.

  • This series is all about.

  • Noodles will be featuring 10 different kinds of noodles across China and show you how they're made and how they're served.

  • These out based noodles are called to Yomi in me in means noodle, and you'll comes from your my, which is a type of out native to the Alpine regions of China, specifically the mountains of Santee Province, where the dish comes from and it's been around for about 1000 years.

  • E Jingle a county is located 6500 ft above sea level, so not much grows.

  • Their throats are also used to make dumplings, and you'll, me and you, which are boils out noodles compared to wheat noodles.

  • Noodles have a nuttier taste, and they're slightly course yomi and takes a lot of skill to make, mostly because of how delicate it iss.

  • The dough is made by mixing together ground oats and water until it becomes a pace.

  • But since oat flour doesn't have gluten which is the protein in wheat that makes dough stretchy.

  • Oat flour is a lot harder to shape, So how does she do it?

  • In one quick motion, the pace is spread out and rolled up into a tube.

  • It said that this tube looks like a basket.

  • That's why sometimes this dish is referred to as your call outlaw.

  • Call Allah is a local word for basket.

  • It's then placed in the steamer and cook for 5 to 6 minutes.

  • I get to see all the organs, your your nation.

  • How the union a socialist, uh, who gets no video?

  • Yeah, how the Vienna uh to It's usually served with a collection of dipping sauces like this.

  • Tomato garlic sauce this'll sauce made with lamb, potato and tofu and this chili scallion vinegar dip.

  • I think the way that you could be a u A E.

  • This is hold a pole E.

  • So you know how you are with your you hear that melon e.

  • You know those e so work e you A.

  • The fact is, we are up.

  • Next, we're going to dive deep into the world of knife shaped noodles and meet a guy who's been making them for over 30 years.

so these coils of dough are actually Chinese noodles, but instead of wheat, they're made of haute mhm.

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Gluten-Free Chinese Oat Noodle Rolls - Eat China (S2E4)

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