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  • E.

  • The more hostile turnover I was involved in was Bill Clinton coming in for George H.

  • W.

  • Bush and I ran.

  • That entire transition was a very friendly transfer of power, even though it was done under the hostile conditions, often a defeated president running for his second term, not winning and, ah young, upstart governor of Arkansas coming in to replace him.

  • But, uh, he didn't want to get into a full scale Preston.

  • But the tone was set at the top, and President George H.

  • W.

  • Bush made sure we were all very cooperative.

  • That was, I think, a model transition from a one term president to a new president when the one term president had hoped he would have a second term way, even though we had a contested election with Vice President Gore back in 2000.

  • Out of professional respect and courtesy, I think, by and large, the staffer or courteous to each other, from Bill Clinton to George W.

  • Bush was definitely more challenging.

  • There were some sophomore pranks that were played on the White House staff when they showed up.

  • Yes, there were many computers had drilled out the W and the W's had been taken off the keyboards is sort of a tease or taunt to me, but by and large they're very friendly and they're very peaceful because I think people recognized regardless of party affiliation.

  • It's about the country, and it's not about you.

  • And there was some telephones that had been switched around, so if you went to call, one office rang in a different office.

  • But I viewed those is kind of fraternity pranks.

  • It was disruptive, but it wasn't dangerous.

  • George H.

  • W.

  • Bush was definitely disappointed that he didn't win reelection and he was depressed.

  • Here's the way way See it in the country should see it that the people have spoken.

  • But at the same time, he was celebrating our democracy, and he knew the mark of a great democracy is its ability to transition from one leader to another leader, even though he didn't want that transfer it toe happen.

  • I just called the Governor Clinton over in Little Rock and offered my congratulations on one of the occasions I asked him, Mr President, how did it feel?

  • Thio lose the presidency?

  • And he looked at me and he said I felt like I let my family down.

  • I felt like I left my supporters down, but I felt that I did everything I could for the country.

  • And it was such a personal and interesting an intimate conversation with him that he worried more about those around him than he worried about the impact of losing the presidency.

  • Is it related to him personally?


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How others left the White House after losing - BBC News

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