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  • I'm told that as a youth that that you're an old man now.

  • But as a younger man, you you really loved the movie fight club and you started your own fight club.

  • I did?

  • Yeah, it's very embarrassing.

  • It was very inspired by that movie.

  • But both plus we're talking before is a small town, Indiana.

  • So there's not really a lot to do other than, um, you know, go to the movies and kick the shit out of each other s.

  • So there was, like, a ah building called Celebrations Unlimited.

  • That was by my friend Noah's house.

  • That has, um, it's like an event space for for Mishawaka.

  • So it's very small for what they intended for Celebrations Unlimited.

  • Let's go to celebrations unlimited and beat each other senseless until you know we would go back there.

  • But through Noah's a fence, Thio celebrations unlimited backyard and fight each other and whoever rode by on their bikes, and so anyone could be riding by on their bike, and then they could join who were fighting each other.

  • I'll fight you guys, and then we'd find them just like the movie.

  • How would it resolve itself?

  • Did you fight until someone was knocked knocked down.

  • I mean well, to someone said that you know how or I don't wanna dio crying, crying First one to cry loses.

  • What about you, Oscar?

  • Were you a bit of ah, troublemaker growing up?

  • Yeah.

  • Is that fair to say?

  • Yeah, I was I was I was a bit of a troublemaker, I think in, uh, in elementary school, they ended up because I was too much of a distraction.

  • They ended up putting me in the back of the class, and they put one of those, uh, you know, the things that you put in a windshield in a car to stop the sun from coming in?

  • Yeah.

  • So they put that around my desk.

  • It was green shield around.

  • They blocked you from the other, the other kids, and put me in the back, man.

  • I ended up getting expelled as well from another school for like, just doing silly things, like spraying a fire extinguisher.

  • And I think it's inspirational to a lot of young people watching that you were beating others in a parking lot.

  • You were, you know, just a troublemaker at school.

  • They practically lead that they put a bucket on your head.

  • I do.

  • You're being expelled.

  • And now you guys look what you're doing.

  • This is fantastic.

  • There's a great message for young people.

  • Is Yeah, do whatever you want.

  • It's gonna work out in the end with Star Wars.

  • Yeah, way hard.

  • It's nice of you guys to come in and hang with us in this really creepy theater, you know.

  • Thank you.

  • You're welcome.

I'm told that as a youth that that you're an old man now.

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