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  • this busy night has already started with Awoke Bomb.

  • We've got a trade breaking news coming in.

  • Daryl Morey is wasted.

  • No time putting his fingerprints on the Sixers.

  • Ross at the new Philly GM traded Al Horford and his big contract along with a 2025 1st round pick and a second round pick 34th overall to the Thunder for Danny Green and Terrorist Ferguson.

  • According to Adrian Ward Yanovski.

  • And there are a lot of things toe break down here when you look at this trade, because last offseason the Sixers made the big story lines the headlines by bringing in Horford.

  • Let's bring in woes right now.

  • Why did the Sixers decided to make this move tonight?

  • Kevin brings them back.

  • Some athleticism, some scoring.

  • Certainly.

  • Danny Green, UH, shooting guard who came into the thunder from the Lakers turns Ferguson a young wing and they get off the remaining three years of Al Horford significant free agent contract on for you know, for this.

  • For the Sixers, this is a chance now you know to kind of keep reshaping the pieces around Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid and for the thunder that make 17 future First round picks, Uh, they are in position.

  • And tonight three picks in the first among the top 34 San Press is gonna just tossed to himself.

  • Is the draft continues in the next couple of years on draft night here.

  • So what's next here for Daryl, Morey and Philly?

  • When they clear up some of this room, they still save some money.

  • A ton of money next year in the following year.

  • What does this now mean for the roster moves, especially with all the rumors of James Harden?

  • Well, listen, they're in a position now where they have committed.

  • Certainly, in the short term of building around and be building around Simmons and on Doc Rivers starting to shape a roster that he wants to play with with a style he wants to play and listen to Sixers, Uh, it is unclear whether they're going to be big game hunting in this off season.

  • It feels right now, like they're going to continue to keep trying to find complementary pieces around there to franchise player that that big game hunting that was a very famous line last offseason in Philadelphia.

  • We'll see how this plays out by the way, the busiest thing throughout the entire draft night here at ESPN.

  • Whoa, geez!

  • Phone!

  • He will let us know and keep us up to date on pending moves and trades.

  • It's aged to you.

  • You have that battery charger ready.

  • Please won't Here.

  • Here are the details off the trade that will just reported the Sixers again adding shooting and Danny Green while the thunder continued to add to their treasure chest.

  • Do they ever in additional Al Horford, the Thunder get another first round pick that gives them 17 1st picks through the 2020 six draft?

  • And that way the rich are certainly getting richer.

  • Stephen A.

  • Smith joins us now live here on SportsCenter again.

  • That's broke within the last 30 minutes.

  • Stephen A.

  • Your reaction to the Horford deal is what?

  • Well, the first thing that came to my mind is the first of all congratulations to the Philadelphia 70 Sixers because Al Horford was not the player that he used to be and as a result, being old $81 million over the next three seasons guaranteed, you certainly wanted to get out from under that more importantly, so more importantly, than that, though, is the fact that it puts you in a position to really, really go after James Harden.

  • If you so choose.

  • Now, we all have heard that he wants to be in Brooklyn.

  • That is his preferred destination.

  • But remember, he played under Daryl Morey for years.

  • They've got a damn good relationship.

  • I've seen it personally.

  • We know what Daryl Morey stands for.

  • He's always in a win now mode.

  • Clearly, he's not trying to concede the Eastern Conference to Milwaukee, Miami, Boston, Brooklyn or anybody else.

  • And if you're talking about putting James Harden with the 25 year old Joelle and beat in the post, you could do some things now.

  • Obviously, it's gonna take Ah, lot to get your hands on James Harden.

  • Ben Simmons would be a way to start, because obviously he's a stud.

  • He can ball.

  • He can't shoot worth a damn.

  • But outside of that, he could do literally everything else on the basketball court for you.

  • So if you're the Houston Rockets and you're thinking about having a future star and you don't necessarily want to capitulate to the demands of James Harden in Brooklyn and the big three scenario with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

  • You could say the Philadelphia 76 is are giving us more assets than Brooklyn, but also keep in mind the X factor.

  • Tilman Fertitta is not exactly is not exactly anxious to do Daryl Morey any favors.

  • It's not a truculent relationship or anything like that.

  • I'm just saying the man used to work for him got up and left, and a week later, he is the president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76 is.

  • So if you're Tilman Fertitta, how anxious are you to help Daryl Morey achieve or whatever level of success he aspires for?

  • All of that are interesting components to this particular story in the meantime.

  • Sam Presti staying very busy out in Oklahoma City.

  • Chris Paul, now on to Phoenix.

  • But he's brought Horford and and again, all these pics.

  • He's compiling three picks in the Top 34 tonight that number 34 as well as 25 28.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

this busy night has already started with Awoke Bomb.

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