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  • Okay.

  • 346 people lost their lives in two fatal crashes of Boeing's 7 37 max airliner in the last two years.

  • But the nightmare didn't end there.

  • The crash has triggered a hailstorm of investigations, ousted executives and cost Boeing some $20 billion.

  • After more than 1.5 years on the ground, the 7 37 max could now take off again.

  • Hundreds of people lost their lives in two separate Boeing 737 Max crashes just months apart.

  • That led to the grounding of the model's entire fleet in March 2019, but now it looks like the planes could soon be airborne in the US Again, the country's Federal Aviation Administration is expected to lift its grounding order on Wednesday.

  • The F A A and I in particular will not approve the plane for return to passenger service.

  • Until I'm satisfied that we've adequately addressed all of the known safety issues that played a role in the tragic loss of 346 lives, the regulator and Boeing were found to have made a horrific culmination of failures that led to the crash is a recent investigation in the US found fault with Boeing's engineers a lack of transparency and company management and grossly insufficient oversight by the FAA.

  • The aircraft will still rely on software linked the two crushes, but the regulator is demanding new training toe handle it.

  • Inspectors will check the jets in person before a flight certificate is granted.

  • The first flights could be as early as this year.

  • American Airlines has planned a 737 max flight from New York to Miami over Christmas.

  • Boeing will certainly welcome the news of figures that go ahead.

  • But amid a sharp drop in demand during the pandemic on new European tariffs, getting the fleet ready might be a scramble.


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US regulator to approve Boeing 737 MAX return | DW News

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