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  • Mira, do you want to come plait with us?

  • Sure, let me just grab my stones.

  • - Oh, no! - What's wrong, Mira?

  • - What's wrong? - What happened?

  • - What is it, dear? - My pouch of stones, it's gone!

  • This one looks just like it, but it's filled with seeds.

  • - What? - Not good. Not good!

  • Mummy, I have to stay and help Mira.

  • Of course, love. Give me the bags.

  • I have to stop at the park to drop off these extra shovels

  • and then take care of a few chores. There's so much to do.

  • Bye, girls, and good luck!

  • What if we don't find the stones?

  • I promised my dad I would take really good care of them,

  • and I didn't.

  • - What am I going to do? - Mira, we'll find them.

  • Yeah, don't forget, you're the royal detective.

  • Which means you're on the case!

  • You're on the case, you're on the case

  • You're on the case

  • Look a little closer with your magnifying glass

  • Open up your notebook

  • Get your coat and badge on fast

  • Ask all the questions, follow your senses

  • - ♪ Focus on every clue ♪ - That's right.

  • Listen for answers, find what you're after

  • That's what you always do

  • You're on the case, you're on the case

  • You're on the case

  • Thanks, guys. This is too strange.

  • I've never been on my own case before.

  • - Mira? - You got this!

  • We need to start with a few questions.

  • That's what you always say, Mira.

  • Questions. Right, yes.

  • So, Mira, when was the last time you had the stones?

  • Well, I put the pouch down on this table

  • when we were helping Auntie Pushpa with her bag.

  • Chikku, we should gently remind Mira that--

  • All these seed pouches look like Mira's pouch!

  • Shh. Gently. I said "gently."

  • So that means someone might have taken

  • my pouch of stones by accident thinking it was full of seeds.

  • - This is bad. - Really bad.

  • Guys? Not helping.

  • So after I put down the pouch of stones,

  • anyone could have taken it.

  • I can't believe the stones are lost.

  • Mira, whenever we lose something--

  • Or mess up, which happens a lot.

  • You're always there to help.

  • Now it's our turn to help you.

  • Mira, you're always paying attention

  • Finding the clues for everybody else

  • Everyone else

  • Sometimes a problem lands in your lap

  • And seems like you have to solve it by yourself

  • But we can help

  • ♪ 'Cause that's what friends do

  • We show up for you

  • We're here, whatever you need

  • - ♪ An extra hand ♪ - ♪ Or extra feet

  • Another set of eyes to find the stones

  • We're here, wherever you go

  • Never a doubt, we hope that you know

  • No matter what, you're not in this alone

  • - ♪ We're here ♪ - Thank you.

  • You're the sweetest, most amazing friends.

  • We are going to find these stones.

  • - She's back! - That's our royal detective.

  • Places, people! Let's look for clues.

Mira, do you want to come plait with us?

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Friends Are Here to Help! | Mira, Royal Detective | Disney Junior

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