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  • He was a number one recruit last year in 2019, played for Penny Hardaway in high school and college.

  • Played three games at Memphis before withdrawing or the NBA draft.

  • And you see that he was a force that he was prepared to.

  • And people were talking in the pre season last year with Wiseman and Precious that you were both being at Memphis, that perhaps they would run it all the way to the Final Four.

  • It didn't unfold that way.

  • His wisemen on a long and winding road credits Penny Hardaway from making him into the player he is.

  • Yeah, I'm in Penny Hardaway.

  • We met really in my junior year.

  • He told me just how to approach the game, how to study film every day.

  • He told me about the game of basketball, how to thank the game and just like how to be in the game and how to be in the moment.

  • Hey would tell me a lot of stories about shot, just like how he ran the floor for his size and really just meet him.

  • Studying film about shock way mess up on a play or something, or or like my mess up with making mistake.

  • He'd be like, Man, what you doing?

  • You know, get back on defense or he'll be like, Man, you're messing up like you really just messed up that play right there.

  • Man, we gotta make this perfectly.

  • Then here, just give me a death stare like, yeah, I was like, Oh, man, suicides Who got get on the line?

  • You have a coach already played in the NBA and him knowing like how the MBA place it helped on my game a lot and it really impacted my game in a positive effect.

  • Here is Wiseman's reaction being selected second overall.

  • Man, you just never you never get tired.

  • He never cease to be amazed by the emotion and the gravity of the moment when they know it's coming.

  • And yet, still, when the moment happens, if it hits really deep, he's just a tremendous thing.

  • Yeah, he He is a complete package as a big guy.

  • 71 with a 76 wingspan, incredibly mobile for his size, and he can finish at the rim.

  • He's got really good feet, and you could see that little turnaround jumper he can score in the post.

  • He can step away, knocked down a 17 ft jumper.

  • But I think he can also stretch that out.

  • N ba three point range.

  • He can block shots.

  • He is a big time rebounder and a lob threat as well.

  • The question is going to be.

  • Has the game changed so much that a big guy like this, who I like into, Ah, bigger Chris Bosch when he came out of Georgia Tech in 2003?

  • I don't think the games passed by great big guys.

  • And I think James Wiseman has a chance in this league to be a great big man.

  • James Wiseman going second overall, The Golden State and the newest warrior is with Malika.

  • Thanks, Reese.

  • James, Congratulations.

  • After everything that you've been through both personally and collegiately this year, what does it mean?

  • How does it feel to finally call yourself an MBA player?

  • I mean, all praise be to God first, but just me going through this adversity made me stronger as a person, and I'm truly ready.

  • Uh, just to go, to go, to stay and just go on, just learn as much as possible and just just be the best version of me and just work every day.

  • How have those rigors prepared you for what you are going to face in this league?

  • Um, it's been great adversity just having gone on my side.

  • Just leave me throughout the way, have a clutch pee on my side of my family on my side, and I really just building my mental toughness and just creating that chip on my shoulder to where I just stay humble, but just work hard every day and just just leave all the praise to God and because of the pandemic.

  • James, you haven't played organized basketball in over a year.

  • What for those who haven't seen you play, what do you bring to this Golden State team?

  • Just versatility, builder, Rebound, run the floor of block shots and just space.

  • The floor out from my size.

  • And I've been playing like a lot of pick up games and stuff this summer and, like I just been, um, just really just improved my game every day.

  • So I'm so I'm ready and I'm prepared.

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James Wiseman drafted No. 2 overall by the Golden State Warriors | 2020 NBA Draft

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