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  • Talking on the phone

  • can sometimes be intimidating.

  • Maybe you don't like talking with strangers, or you're worried that you'll say the wrong thing.

  • Thistles completely normal and actually pretty common with a lot of people.

  • Here are five tips that may be able to help you overcome your phone anxiety Number one brief This may seem pretty simple, but taking a couple of deep breaths before or during your phone call can help calm your nerves and clear your mind.

  • It can also help you to slow down and give you some time to think through things.

  • Number two.

  • Making practice calls is a great way to increase your confidence.

  • Try calling a local business and simply saying Hi.

  • I was wondering what your store hours are today.

  • Once they give you an answer, thank them and then hang up.

  • And just like that, you've made a phone call and gotten some practice Number three, asking someone to repeat what they said when you're having trouble, hearing them can be helpful.

  • Feel free to say something like Sorry, I didn't catch that.

  • Could you repeat yourself?

  • It's a pretty common request, and it'll help your conversation to go more smoothly.

  • Number four.

  • If you're worried that you might forget some key information or misspeak, you can write down any important notes before the call This'll way.

  • If you freeze up, you can always refer to your notes to help you get back on track.

  • Number five.

  • If the person you're speaking to is upset or uncooperative, it's important to keep calm and try to calm them down as well.

  • Be sure to listen to them, acknowledge how they feel and try to approach the conversation from a practical and fact based point of view.

  • Speaking on the phone isn't always easy, but we hope these tips air ableto lessen your fears and boost your confidence.

  • G c f global creating opportunities for a better life.

Talking on the phone

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Five Tips for Overcoming Phone Anxiety

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