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  • from fleeing refugees to missile attacks.

  • The fallout from a conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region is spilling into other countries and threatens to destabilize an already fragile region.

  • Here's how Ethiopia's neighbors are linked to the degree and conflict.

  • Three missiles slammed into the Eritrean capital Asmara at the weekend and degree in forces accused Eritrea off sending troops across the border.

  • There's no love lost between Tigre and it's not a neighbor.

  • Eritrea and Ethiopia went toe war between 1998 2000 at a time when its European politics was dominated by degree ins.

  • See Gray was also on the front line off that conflict.

  • A peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea after Abby Ahmed became prime minister in 2018, subsequently unguarded degree in leadership Ti Grace.

  • Other neighbor is cash strapped Sudan, where more than 27,000 people have arrived fleeing heavy fighting over the past two weeks.

  • Sudan and its northern neighbor Egypt are in dispute with Ethiopia over a $4 billion dam project, which they fear will threaten their water supplies.

  • Sudan and Egypt hold long shit dude war exercises this week intended as a joint show off force a meet the unresolved quarrel.

  • Somalia and Ethiopia share a common enemy in militant group Al Shabaab, which has carried out attacks on both sides off the long, porous border.

  • Indeed, if European troops are in Somalia both as a part of an African Union peacekeeping force and as bilateral forces, tiny Djibouti punches well above its weight in the region because its host both U.

  • S.

  • And Chinese military basis and it's Ethiopia's only access to the sea, it has called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict on the opening of humanitarian corridors.

  • But so far, Abby has resisted calls from the U.

  • N on governments across Africa and Europe to enter talks, saying he will only negotiate where the rule of law is restored.

  • Integrys.

from fleeing refugees to missile attacks.

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Which countries have stakes in Ethiopia's war?

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