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  • How about a big weekend in the Big 10?

  • Indiana improved to 40 with a 24 nothing shut out of Michigan State Northwestern, also 40 after a 27 20 win over Purdue.

  • Penn State.

  • The opposite side.

  • They were preseason number seven.

  • They've now lost all four of their games this year, and things keep getting worse for Jim Harbaugh on the one and three Wolverines There.

  • 38 point loss to Wisconsin matches, their second worst in the last 100 years.

  • And so a lot of attention today and through this weekend as we bring Heather damage into the conversation, is going to be on Harbaugh, who was brought to Michigan, his alma mater, with so much fanfare and such expectations, and it's been something of a mixed bag.

  • But this year, Heather has been a disaster.

  • What are we hearing now from people inside and out about his future in Ann Arbor?

  • Well, it's been historically bad, and it's going to be extremely hard to justify a contract extension at this point.

  • It ends three days after the 2021 season, and it's not just the performances on the field.

  • You have to remember that at Michigan, 21 people in the athletic department have lost their jobs because of Covad.

  • 19.

  • Harbaugh took a 10% pay cut.

  • You're talking about a coach that has a $7.7 million salary, and it's at a time when the athletic department is in a budget crunch.

  • And then you couple that, then, with the on field results and no wins against Ohio State, three and three against Michigan State, no appearances in the college football playoff, no Big 10 championships and you add that up, how do you How do you justify?

  • It's going to be extremely difficult.

  • But again, and for those who are not aware in college football, a lame duck season is practically an impossibility.

  • It never happens.

  • You could never recruit anybody if the coach only has one year left on his deal.

  • So if they do not give him an extension, one would assume this would be it for Jim Harbaugh this season in Ann Arbor.

  • What's gone wrong?

  • Well, my question for you, why would you What would be the reason to bring Jim Harbaugh back?

  • You know, he was brought there for a couple reasons to recruit and develop like don't tell me it's just recruiting your Michigan Michigan recruits itself.

  • A lot of kids grow up wanting to go there, but they haven't developed anybody.

  • They recruit at least four or five stars just about as good as everybody at the top of the country.

  • They haven't developed.

  • Get a great quarterback.

  • The quarterback play has been bad.

  • It hasn't even been average.

  • It's been bad at Michigan since he got there.

  • Now Milton has had some moments, but he's still so up and down.

  • And this is five or six years into his time at Michigan is a head coach.

  • He still hasn't found a quarterback to play well green.

  • Two weeks ago, I had Michigan State coming off of the winner gets Michigan and I was like, Man, Michigan State must be pretty good.

  • They beat up Michigan.

  • Pretty.

  • Michigan State gotten drummed by Iowa.

  • Michigan is a really, really, really bad football team, and I would ask this, find me teams in the Big 10 Conference.

  • Forget college football in the Big 10 Conference that you can definitively say Michigan is better now and has a brighter future.

  • Then I'll give you Illinois and maybe Rutgers, but it's no one else.

  • You're not giving me Indiana.

  • No Wisconsin, no.

  • Or how state?

  • No Northwestern, No Iowa.

  • No Purdue?

  • No, there's There's very few teams in the Big 10 that you could say Michigan's better than now and in the future.

  • The problem is, if you went to him and it doesn't work, then what?

  • Heather?

  • That's the question I've been asking.

  • And what direction might they look?

  • Well, that I mean, that's the question.

  • And that's the question for every major program that fires their coach.

  • And I wouldn't I would expect them to go to a top tier, you know, group of five, coach or maybe A.

  • I don't I don't know greeny.

  • It's really tough, but I don't think you need to pay the next person $7 million.

  • Well, I guess that's the bottom line of it.

  • Look, this is about a stunning of development, as you could ever possibly imagine.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

How about a big weekend in the Big 10?

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Evaluating Jim Harbaugh's future at Michigan after a 49-11 blowout loss vs. Wisconsin | Get Up

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