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  • only 30 minutes outside of Lisbon, is one of Europe's great surf beaches.

  • I'm here down a cock Avila.

  • Beach surfing has been a tradition here for almost 100 years.

  • And so I'm gonna learn some skills and maybe I'll be able Thio stand up on a surfboard.

  • Pedro, How's it going?

  • I'm very excited.

  • Lead the way.

  • Let's go.

  • We will start with a small warm up.

  • Small running.

  • Your body needs to be warm, but the training scene from rookie?

  • Yes, I was not expecting this Step 123 You.

  • That's it with relish on and let's go.

  • I have some fun.

  • What E.

  • Yeah, e So much, huh?

  • Just get Was he surfer?

  • It's actually a lot harder than he makes it.

  • Look, you're out there.

  • You've got to get on the board Paddle, paddle, paddle.

  • Wait for the wave.

  • And then at the right time, there's Pedro on the background, going 123 and me going, Whoa, what's one again?

  • And I reckon I got up on it for maybe five seconds.

  • God, perfect.

  • Amazing.

  • We're at this beautiful beach where there's people playing volleyball and eating ice cream and sunbathing and kicking a soccer ball around and learning how to surf.

  • What a incredibly different way to experience Lisbon on this 100 year surfing history just outside of this capital.

  • This is this whole other side Thio Lisbon, which is just a zoo, authentic, and yet I never even thought about it being here.

only 30 minutes outside of Lisbon, is one of Europe's great surf beaches.

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Discover one of Portugal's best surfing beaches - Lonely Planet x GoPro

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