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  • in 2013 MBA draft and annual assemblage and write a passage for the world's best basketball prospects.

  • Welcome to the 2013 NBA draft.

  • For the final time in his historic tenure, David Stern lorded over the evening ceremony.

  • Before walking onto the stage, Stern stood with the European teenager and patiently practice the pronunciation of his name.

  • Yanis.

  • Ditto gumbo.

  • They call Yanis attendant Campo simply the greatest draft story ever told from the watch pod.

  • This is the honest draft.

  • Three.

  • MBA's 30 teams often spend several years evaluating young players before they ever become eligible to enter the league's draft.

  • Late in 2012, front offices began toe learn of the existence of Yannis Lieutenant coupon.

  • I could remember the day extremely clearly because at that time Jeff Weltman was working with me in Milwaukee and I remember Jeff saying, Hey, John, there's a young player in Athens that's really gathering a lot of attention right now.

  • We should probably go see him.

  • You heard his name and there wasn't much film.

  • What you could find was really grainy, but was certainly someone that was intriguing.

  • I was improving.

  • I was getting I was getting better.

  • I would always wanted to play.

  • Maybe.

  • Would you get nervous when they would tell you there were NBA scouts?

  • Executives in the stands?

  • Yeah, the first time I was nervous.

  • Second time I was nervous.

  • Then I was like, Okay, this is what it is.

  • I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

  • Yeah, me, too.

  • The kid walks out.

  • It's like, Wow, he's bigger than you realize and how big his hands are.

  • Wow, like stroke doesn't look that bad.

  • I got a phone call and they called me and said, We have the next Magic Johnson.

  • As the draft approached through Atlanta Hawks became increasingly obsessive in clandestine and the pursuit of Yannas.

  • The Hawks committed to choosing a 10 a Koopa with their first available pick on draft night, and on Janice's trip to New York, there would be a stop.

  • Atlanta and the Hawks didn't want anyone in the world to know.

  • They told me to go by myself like, No, no way I'm going with my brother.

  • He walked into the arena was a dark on the joy that he had and the excitement.

  • The energy that he walked in there with was like, you know.

  • Wow, this is gonna be my life.

  • I'm gonna play in places like this.

  • I'm gonna be here, living in America, playing in the best league in the world.

  • His eyes were almost water.

  • The visit couldn't have gone any better.

  • Onley One question remains Would Yanis attendant Coop Oh, make it to the Atlanta Hawks on draft night.

  • Atlanta owned two picks behind Milwaukee at 15 with the first pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • Select Anthony Bennett.

  • Victor Oladipo, Nerlens Noel.

  • He kept falling and looked like it was gonna work out and get to us.

  • Trey Burke, Steven Adams.

  • Way heard early on when Milwaukee was on the clock.

  • That that's where that around take and didn't want to believe it with the 15th pick is maybe, you know this is it.

  • This is it.

  • The Milwaukee Bucks select.

  • I'm like, No, it is until I hear my name.

  • You know, Yannas.

  • Ditto gumbo.

  • Everything is like slow motion walking down the stairs.

  • And I'm like, That's the moment my life changed.

  • The whole room just was flat, including me.

  • The emotion and the energy out in that room was crushed.

  • Yeah, for more on this Let's welcome in ESPN.

  • Senior MBA insider Adrian Ward Janowski.

  • His three part Siris on Janice's rise to prominence is available now on his podcast.

  • The Woes pod.

  • Adrian, What made Yannis is selection of 15 in the 2013 draft so unusual?

  • Well, consider the fact that in late June, when he, uh, is in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn 7.5 months earlier, there wasn't a team in the n b A who had ever heard of him.

  • He went from being completely off the global map to all of a sudden on the brink of the N b A lottery.

  • And the process leading up, uh, in those months is just one of the most unique, mysterious, enigmatic.

  • And, you know, we take the listener through that process.

  • Remember, this was a historically weak draft.

  • When you look back, the number one overall pick in this draft, Anthony Bennett in Cleveland and basketball fans remember how that turned out.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

in 2013 MBA draft and annual assemblage and write a passage for the world's best basketball prospects.

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