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  • 'And at the end of the day, they came to see me With the pictures.'

  • Why protect a friend Who betrayed you?

  • 'But I didn't Want to look at them.

  • 'I didn't Want to look at the guys Who brought them either.'

  • (# The Animals: House Of The Rising Sun)

  • Your honor, as you can see, my clients are elderly and infirm.

  • Any incarceration could pose a serious health risk.

  • (Nicky) 'Some of the bosses Were so old, they needed doctors at their arraignment.'

  • - Pre-trial services recommends bail as set. - We're going to take a recess.

  • 'When it looked like they could get 25 years to life for skimmin' a casino,

  • 'sick or no fuckin' sick, people Were going to get clipped.

  • 'The day of the arraignment, they had this meeting in the back of the courthouse.

  • 'See, When something like this happens, you knoW hoW things are gonna Work out.

  • 'It's alWays better With no Witnesses. So What about Andy? '

  • He Won't talk. Stone is a good kid.

  • Stand-up guy just like his old man.

  • That's the Way I see it.

  • I agree. He's solid. He's a fuckin' marine.

  • He's OK. He alWays Was. Remo, What do you think?

  • Look...

  • Why take a chance?

  • At least, that's the Way I feel about it.

  • Call Artie. Tell him, I don't care What.

  • He's got to be in my office Thursday morning before 11:00.

  • It's important. I gotta have a conversation With that guy...

  • (Nicky) 'As much as they liked him, he Wasn't one of us.

  • 'He Wasn't Italian. As far as they kneW, he could have talked.

  • 'Otherwise, Stoney might still be alive.'

  • 'The first one to skip Was John Nance.

  • 'He found a nice, Warm, secluded place in Costa Rica.

  • 'He thought nobody Would find him there.

  • (Gunshots)

  • (Glass smashing)

  • (Gunshots)

  • 'But then his kid got nabbed by the Feds for drugs.

  • 'Naturally, the bosses Were afraid he'd come out of hiding

  • 'just to save his kid and give them all up.

  • 'So... '

  • Where you goin', jag-off?

  • 'But, anyWay, they, you knoW, they all had to folloW. Everybody Went doWn.'

  • Fuck you.

  • 'Before you kneW it, anybody Who kneW anything Wound up gettin' Whacked.'

'And at the end of the day, they came to see me With the pictures.'

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