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  • Let's talk about tonight, Joe.

  • You have the number two pick in the hilariously the number two pick in them.

  • How willing are you to trade this pick?

  • Well, I mean, we're not going to know until really right near the beginning of the draft tonight.

  • There's a lot going on.

  • You've seen all the trades a lot of, uh, a lot of discussions, but most of these things don't usually lead anywhere.

  • So, you know, we know who we only need to like two players right at the number two pick.

  • And if one of them that we like is there and one of them will be there and we do like at least two players, uh, we're likely to take that player.

  • We, of course, could entertain a trade If you go to our team.

  • Joe, you still got Steph.

  • You still have Clay.

  • They're more motivated than ever.

  • I think we all know that Draymond is Draymond looking at this team, particularly experiencing what you experienced last year.

  • What do you find your team's biggest need to be?

  • Yeah, well, I think you probably would conclude that we have staff Clay Draymond Andrew Wiggins who were very very high on.

  • We think we have a really good core for here, and I think that we can get a really good player at number two way do need more size and athleticism in general.

  • We believe in size at the respective positions on the court.

  • So I think that would be something that we would like to have.

  • If you watch the Lakers in the finals.

  • Pretty darn physical eso.

  • I think we need physicality and athleticism.

  • But the truth is we're gonna take the best player that we can that can, that we can get in there and we think develop into a great player and we'll see who that is tonight, I guess, Joe, you said several years ago, I don't know if you regret it or not.

  • They were light years ahead of the rest of the N B.

  • A.

  • In fact, the subsequent years bore that out because you guys were very dominant on Ben.

  • Of course, losing K D and the injuries you haven't off year now.

  • As I said you hilariously, the Golden State Warriors have the freaking second pick in the draft.

  • This is like when James Worthy went to the dynastic Lakers, Right, Um, going forward.

  • Do you feel that the Warriors are still ahead off the rest of the league in terms of the way you run, the in terms of the way the show is run?

  • Do you think other clubs have caught up?

  • I think the league has evolved.

  • Teams have gotten better.

  • You can't stand still at any time, and you have to always be thinking of what's coming next, right?

  • So I think the league is caught up in some ways and look, we were the worst team in the league this last year.

  • Let's just be frank.

  • That's why we have the number two pick now.

  • That was doing a lot of injuries clearly, but nonetheless true.

  • So, um, you know, I'm not going to sit here and bite on that Max, because Raymond Reader would get really mad at me again for even coming close to Seo.

  • I'll bring it up in a few years.

  • I bring it up because you're the second pick in the draft.

  • The Knicks haven't had a second pick in the pick that high since Patrick Ewing went first overall, the Warriors, somehow the second pick in the draft.

  • We were bad.

  • Really bad.

  • What can I say?

  • Yeah, Joe, I want to go back to, um not necessarily your plan, and I'm praying that it works.

  • But obviously, we've been hearing news.

  • Obviously, that we we anticipate that the vaccine will be here in the spring.

  • Do you believe, based on your knowledge of the league, the powers that be obviously your background Do you believe the league will mandate that players staff members of the league take that vaccine?

  • No.

  • I don't know if they'll mandate it.

  • I'm not sure you can mandate it, but I do believe the vaccine progress has been incredible.

  • I don't think the general populace understands what happened in the last 12 months.

  • Obviously, we had a worldwide pandemic.

  • This thing was terrible.

  • But in the history of the world, the history of the world, the fastest time for a vaccine to be developed and get to market is about four years for months.

  • So the fact that we think this country was able to do this these these industries, these businesses really pharmaceutical companies, with whether you like our previous administration or odd, I mean unbelievable.

  • That amount of money that was poured into it to scale up manufacturing ahead of approval.

  • Big risk.

  • That's a big risk.

  • And I think Operation work speed looks to be so far.

  • If the data holds up to be an enormous success for the world, an enormous success for the world, and I wish we would focus a little more on the testing because even though the vaccine may come out, we don't know exactly how fast it will roll out how fast it will.

  • Everyone will take it.

  • They're still risking that and even remember polio to 29 years to get rid off in the world, even though there were vaccines.

  • So these things don't happen overnight, and we need to understand that we could be living even with the vaccine world with successful vaccine, we could be living in a world where there's still covet.

  • And so I still think testing is gonna have a role going forward.

  • Well, there's definitely a lot of things to consider a lot of things to consider even today as the warriors head into the draft with the number two pick Mr Joe Lacob.

  • Thank you so much for your time.

  • Good luck tonight Thank you.

  • Thank you very much.

  • You've made my you made my day bringing me on the show with my two favorite guys I'd like to wake up to, and you know that You guys keep it up.

  • You guys are the best of what you do.

  • I love this show that they get sick of hearing me say this around my office.

  • They were like, You see what happened First take this morning and uh huh You watch that show.

  • And of course, I dio we'll always have.

  • They always take the compliment.

  • Thank you.

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Let's talk about tonight, Joe.

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'We can get a really good player at No. 2' - Joe Lacob talks Warriors' 2020 draft plans | First Take

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