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  • What are we gonna do with Westbrook?

  • Where is he going?

  • Well, that remains to be seen.

  • That's a hard sell, man, because you've got a lot of teams that should want him.

  • Uh, he definitely would be box office, but I don't know if he's the ingredient toe a championship because of his inability to shoot the ball from three point range.

  • When you're going against Damian Lillard, when you're going against Steph Curry, you're just not going to beat those guys.

  • If you can't put the ball in the hole long from long range, it's not going to cut it.

  • Come playoff time, we know that Russell Westbrook and averaged 25 to 30 a game.

  • We know he's unstoppable one on one.

  • He could get to the rim at his discretion.

  • He's obviously the most volatile competitors you can find in the N B A.

  • He gives you 1 101 100% all the time and a number of respect for him in that regard.

  • But shooting the three is an Achilles heel from him and come playoff time when teams are getting back.

  • You guys know this, especially you, Jay.

  • You're going to get back on defense, you're not gonna be able to play in the open court to the degree that you can do in the regular season.

  • And if that's the case, that turns you into a half court player and as a result of being a half court player, if you are not a threat from three point range, you are an Achilles heel to your team.

  • But by the way, I'm glad you brought up Russell Westbrook because he and I spoke the other day.

  • Um, and I just want to tell you he emphasized his relationship with James Harden.

  • He went on Twitter and expressed this as well.

  • His relationship with James Harden is tight.

  • They don't have a problem in terms of their brotherhood, their relationship, but that's all he said.

  • But from everything that I heard outside of that, like I told him, I never said you had a bad relationship with James Harden.

  • I said, You guys don't necessarily wanna play together.

  • No, no, I get it.

  • Let's stay out west of my Lakers, man.

  • I think we might get Dennis Schroder, right?

  • Is that Is that Is that what we're hearing?

  • Yes, it should be confirmed today, Yes.

  • So what's that going to do for us?

  • Well, first of all, I think that he definitely gives you more on the offensive side of the ball that Rondo could ever give you.

  • He just finished averaging 18.9 points a game.

  • If I remember correctly this past season, he can put the ball in the hole.

  • He's a better shooter from three point range, a better long range shooter.

  • He doesn't run the point position the way Rondo does.

  • He does not play defense as well as Rondo.

  • Those those two things obviously could be a hindrance.

  • But you do have LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

  • In the end, I think it's important to have somebody who is a bona fide shooter from that position because that opens the floor up for their offense.

  • KCP assuming he's retained because we're expecting him.

  • The opt out and look for longer term deal.

  • Danny Green is now gone.

  • We know he struggled his one year in L.

  • A.

  • You need perimeter shooting.

  • We gotta see what's gonna happen if Avery Bradley is going to elect to stay on board as well, because those things those are all question marks that you gotta pay attention to, but in the end you are getting more of an offensive threat from demonstrator and on the defensive side of the ball, even though there's a drop off.

  • Uh, it's not that significant to the point where you don't do this deal.

  • I like this deal for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • I think it makes them better on day.

  • We'll see what happens, but we also have to see where it makes them end up.

  • Like Rondo might end up going to the Clippers because Kawai Leonard desperately want to point guard that sees the floor.

  • Everybody knows Patrick Beverly could play defense, and he's an Energizer Bunny.

  • But in terms of actually being an extension and umbilical cord to the coach running that offense, you need somebody like Rondo in there.

  • We'll see if the Clippers get their hands on somebody like him or CP three.

  • If they do that, things could change for the Clippers as well.

  • But right now, I would say it's a good move for the Lakers, and it leaves them as the favorite that that'll be interesting because Patrick Beverley in in Rondo, you know, they got a little history there for sure.

  • Tongue planted firmly in cheek here, Stephen A.

  • We could take Max out of our radio show, but you're gonna have to deal with him in 37 minutes on TV.

  • So just warning you there No.

  • No, actually, actually, actually, you're wrong.

  • You're in l a He has to deal with.

  • You have to deal with.

  • It's the other way, way.

  • Weather out there in l A.

  • I say, you know you're back now you're back.

  • Now.

  • Wait.

  • Give him a pass.

  • The visit of every few days, I e no.

  • What are you doing out there?

  • Relaxing.

  • Just 80 degree weather.

  • We'll see him with Max Stephen A and Max in that order at the top of the hour on ESPN.

  • Stephen A.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

What are we gonna do with Westbrook?

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