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  • now a Spanish businessman, was paid more than £20 million of British taxpayers money for his role in securing protective garments for NHS staff during the pandemic.

  • Documents filed in a U S court also revealed he was in line for millions.

  • MAWR in subsequent payments A legal dispute being fought in Miami has revealed the sums of money made by some foreign companies which have been supplying the NHS with PB on its lead to further questions about the way that the UK government has managed the procurement process.

  • Our special correspondent Lucy Manning has the story.

  • Designer jewelry from a Miami company is some way from the UK struggle to get protective equipment.

  • But the owner of Mianne Sign moved from pendants, two pp.

  • During the co vid crisis winning UK contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

  • The owner, Michael Sager, who says he had business connections in China, told the fashion website he was designing his latest jewelry collection while procuring PPE on court.

  • Documents from America show just how lucrative his new venture has Bean not just for him but the man he paid to help him.

  • A Spaniard called Gabriel Gonzalez Anderson, the two men fell out, prompting a court case in Miami.

  • The legal documents open the lid on just how British taxpayers money was being spent.

  • Gabriel Andersen Waas The court documents make clear to help with product sourcing, logistics and quality control.

  • The contract says that when the Department for Health and Social Care got the PP, Anderson would then be paid what is described as a consulting fee.

  • By June, Sager had successfully delivered to PP shipments to the U K for helping.

  • With that.

  • Gabriel Andersen was paid a consulting fee of $28 million.

  • That's about £21 million the court documents say sagas contracts with the government were lucrative, and Mr Anderson did very well from them.

  • The UK put in more orders.

  • There were three more contracts agreed, which would yield yet more money for the subcontractor, Gabriel Andersen.

  • A deal for one million boxes of gloves.

  • The consulting fee was more than $1.5 million for another contract for three million boxes of gloves.

  • The fee was more than $3.5 million on a final contract for 10 million gowns for the UK government on Anderson would get $16 million.

  • But it's claimed Anderson didn't fulfill his role in these contracts and it led to delays delivering the PP to NHS staff.

  • The campaign group, the Good Law Project is planning to challenge the government in court over the deal.

  • I don't blame Sager for making these vast profits.

  • If government is handing out free money, then by all means stand in line.

  • The rial criticism that's to be made here is of the huge profits that government allowed to be generated.

  • In a statement, Sega said.

  • At no time have we ever used any middle men.

  • We have few full time staff, so for large projects we bring in short term contractors for additional expertise.

  • We are exceptionally proud to have played our part in providing frontline workers with the millions of pieces of PPE they need, The Department of Health said.

  • We have been working tirelessly to deliver PP, delivering more than 4.9 billion items.

  • Proper due diligence is carried out for all government contracts on, we take these checks extremely seriously.

  • In August, the BBC revealed, the government bought 50 million mass that couldn't be used in the NHS on it's likely to face more criticism tomorrow when the spending watchdog publishes its report into how PPE was purchased.

now a Spanish businessman, was paid more than £20 million of British taxpayers money for his role in securing protective garments for NHS staff during the pandemic.

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Foreign companies paid millions by UK government to procure PPE during pandemic - BBC News

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