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  • If you edit Instagram pictures

  • on your computer with programs like Photoshop,

  • you probably then AirDrop the images to your phone

  • so you can post from the app.

  • But it's actually possible to upload

  • to Instagram directly from your computer.

  • Here's how.

  • To upload from the web,

  • you're going to need to change your browser

  • to display the mobile version.

  • If you're on Safari, go on

  • and log in to your account.

  • Click on Safari in the menu bar,

  • go to Preferences,

  • and then check "Show Develop menu in menu bar."

  • Click on Develop in the menu bar,

  • then User Agent,

  • and look for Safari, the latest version of iOS iPhone.

  • This will change the appearance of Safari

  • to replicate the browser of an iPhone.

  • For Google Chrome, log in on

  • and right-click anywhere on the screen.

  • Go to Inspect, and then click on

  • the "toggle device toolbar" button.

  • Refresh the page and exit out of the inspection window.

  • Once your browser is configured,

  • you can post a picture by clicking the plus symbol

  • and uploading an image from your computer.

  • Just like when you post from your phone,

  • you can rotate the picture,

  • adjust the size, and apply filters.

  • However, note that uploading from a computer

  • does have some constraints,

  • like the inability to post videos or multiple pictures

  • and limited editing tools.

  • Did you know you can send direct messages

  • from the web as well?

  • Once your browser is configured,

  • the direct-messages shortcut will appear

  • on the upper-right corner.

  • Like the mobile version,

  • you can read and reply to your previous messages,

  • attach pictures, or start a new conversation

  • by clicking the plus sign.

  • Did you find this video helpful?

  • Comment below and let us know.

  • Or, if you know of any alternative methods,

  • share in the comments.

If you edit Instagram pictures

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How To Post On Instagram From A Computer

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/18
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