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  • Where do we stand right now as far as James Harden is concerned?

  • And what should we be expecting?

  • I think we stand at something of a stalemate.

  • James Harden has reportedly made his wishes clear.

  • He wants to be in Brooklyn.

  • He doesn't want to be in use same or according Toa Whoa!

  • And also from what I've heard and the Rockets so far, expressing pretty much no interest in really having any serious talks with Brooklyn or anybody else about about James Harden.

  • And you know, eventually, yeah, this has the potential to linger and linger and linger, and one side's gonna cave or one side not gonna cave, or they're just going to sort of hold their noses and play together for a little while longer.

  • But to me, the writing is on the wall.

  • And once once the writing starts to be written up on that wall, it's hard to erase it, and the endgame seems like he's gonna be elsewhere.

  • But when we don't know how, tell me how the Brooklyn thing works is Is this a hardened K D thing?

  • Is this Ah, hardened K D and Kyrie thing?

  • Like how?

  • Give me the math on Harden to Brooklyn, why they want it and how they make it work.

  • Well, a number of executives have told me this.

  • This what what the Net should do is instead of mortgaging their future Flip Kyrie for Harden.

  • But to me, that seems a little early and a little unrealistic.

  • Given that Kyrie and K d literally just got there as a package deal, they're very good friends.

  • So maybe that's the off ramp later, right?

  • Maybe if you trade the farm, which is Caris Levert, Jared Allen Spencer didn't with you every pick and every swap that you're allowed to dio.

  • Maybe if that ends up being the trade and it's not going well and Kyrie doesn't like being a third option and whatever, whatever, whatever may be that your off ramp to then moving Kyrie somewhere else in recouping some of that draft when you sent out for Harden.

  • But I think, look, they these two teams have not had any substantive talks.

  • Let's be clear about that.

  • But I think if and when they do, it's more likely the offers are of that.

  • Just these these good young players and every pickle he's got then Kyrie Zach Lowe with me on ESPN radio.

  • So let's let's say that they keep they have.

  • They have some way at some point this season, they have Kevin Durant.

  • They have James Harden.

  • They have Kyrie Irving, and they've basically mortgaged everything else around them.

  • So they just sort of fill it in with whatever they can does that team win the Eastern Conference.

  • I think they walk into the season is the favorites in the Eastern Conference, but it's close between them and Milwaukee, after what the Bucks did last night in Boston and Miami.

  • Certainly still have to be right there in Toronto to, but I think they walk in is the co favorites, and I do look, they'll have Joe Harris back.

  • More than likely, he's a free agent.

  • Taurean Prince would probably stay.

  • They have.

  • If they just made a nice little trait for a role player Bruce Brown yesterday.

  • They'll have a decent you know D J is still there.

  • They'll have a decent 89 man rotation around those Big three guys.

  • This actually happens good enough that I think, yeah, the star power.

  • I mean, that's unmatched.

  • At least on offense.

  • Yeah, I mean it.

  • Zey combination.

  • I'd love to watch because it would be like a fascinating chemistry experiment.

  • You put three.

  • Um, what are they called?

  • In chemistry that you put three are items together.

  • What's the word?

  • I'm looking for you.

  • You know, you mix three particles or whatever they are.

  • I was bad, and I was bad in chemistry then.

  • And I remain bad in chemistry.

  • You mix three things, and and then you wonder, Are they gonna blow up or they gonna create, like, you know, something magnificent.

  • What would be your guests?

  • Could those three guys play together?

  • First of all, I I opted out of honors chemistry in high school, so I just the Koven with bonds.

  • Whatever you want to talk about, I'm out for that profession.

  • Look, I'm or the jokes were gonna fly, right?

  • Well, they're gonna play with two basketballs, you know?

  • How are they going to keep everyone happy?

  • I actually have a little bit more optimistic about the fit, at least on the surface.

  • Because K D is great as he is.

  • He's one of the greatest players of all time.

  • He's always been willing to sort of alternate between my post up my eyes does.

  • And then I kind of become like Paul George, like running off pin downs, playing off the ball, and he's fine with that.

  • The challenge, I think, is gonna be, Can Can Kyrie.

  • Except that third optional.

  • Because James Harden walks in, he's the lead ball handler.

  • And the other challenges does James Harden remember how to play like normal basketball?

  • This I get to dribble 50 times and take a step back.

  • Three.

  • You don't get to do that with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on your team.

  • I'm actually optimistic.

  • He he does remember how we used to play before the last few years.

  • I think the Fit could really work well on offense, but Kyrie in particular, would have to sacrifice.

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Where do we stand right now as far as James Harden is concerned?

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