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  • Let's switch gears.

  • Thio another guy who played Roy one matter.

  • He had another opportunity to come in.

  • Get the career Grand Slam.

  • It's the only major hasn't one is the Masters, and I put it out there on Twitter on Sunday, and it always holds true with this player.

  • I'm gonna slap Rory McIlroy silly for what he did on Thursday because he was one of the best players in the field for the rest of the tournament.

  • And again, we joke about it every time.

  • Close your eyes and Roy's gonna backdoor top 10 of the Masters.

  • Top five top again.

  • Rory McIlroy when you're out of it and you figure, man, I just ruined.

  • What did they always say?

  • You can't win the tournament on the first round, but you could lose the tournament on the first one.

  • He showed us numerous times.

  • Rory lost it on the first round and then played like Rory McIlroy of old.

  • No, I'll take it.

  • How about this?

  • There was at one point on Friday morning when they had to extend his first round, you know, because of darkness.

  • He was three over, and I'm like, what is going on right.

  • He stayed right back on the course because he had to go morning, then get into a second round and then went and toured up.

  • Think about how good you have to be mentally, which Bryson to shampoo is that we'll get to him in a minute.

  • But Rory, think about how good you have to be to go from how bad he was toe how good he then became.

  • Rory did have a talk with Jimmy Dunne about Please tell people who Jimmy Dunne is.

  • Uh, I don't know.

  • I don't even begin to how to explain Jimmy Dunne, who is one of the It was one of the great golf amateurs of our time, and it's huge in the Gulf business and owns what courses?

  • Medalist, Where did they play the match play medalist?

  • It was Medalist Joint.

  • Yeah, There you go.

  • So that's he, like, owns that place and is a member at Augusta and huge and his friends with all these top pros as well, and had a little, uh, come to the Lord talk with Rory McIlroy when he finished that first round was going out to play the second round.

  • Dude, just I mean, it was stuff that we can't say here because we get paid by Disney.

  • So But it kind of snapped Rory back into, like, you know, what am I doing?

  • And Rory even talked about it.

  • He talked about how this year felt so different.

  • But he put the same pressure on himself to begin with because he still was one of the favorites.

  • And I was, I said, the demons that air in your head got nothing to do with patrons.

  • Nothing to do with patrons.

  • Six.

  • Top 10 since 2014.

  • Six.

  • Right?

  • Which is why you don't even put a back door in the house.

  • Just leave to make the boy's gonna walk story coming right around and just walking right in the back to look at it for the podcast.

  • Listeners, we're looking at a graphic on our on our video portion of it, but you look t five this year.

  • Didn't have a good year last year outside top 21 but then you've got t five t 70 10 t four or four solo and t eight.

  • And here's the frustrating thing with Rory McIlroy He, in my estimation, goes into a similar conversation, that of Dustin Johnson.

  • A little bit of an underachiever because he came onto the scene so quickly and won so many majors.

  • We had joked about this on the podcast we kept the other day when he was fat, Rory and Chubby Rory.

  • Chubby Roy was awesome, dominant, awesome.

  • And I'm sitting there thinking this chubby kid from Northern Ireland, he's gonna be the best player on the planet, right next to Tiger.

  • And he was for a minute, and he just hasn't.

  • He hasn't grabbed it again, and I don't know.

  • I mean, he had a couple of was it last year, the year before PGA Tour Player of the Year had a remarkable year, won the players.

  • But I don't know, man, you could look at it and we have to do some deep diving into this.

  • But if you look at Roy McIlroy, I'd say over the past 234 years, you confined around and every one of his tournaments that he finishes in the top 10 or 15, that air laughably bad.

  • But that's the problem.

  • Three rounds is not what gets it.

  • I get it.

  • Rory Mhm chubby Rory Chubby will go there.

  • Chubby Rory used to take what he now shoots a 75 and Chubby Rory turned that 75 into either a 70 or he was 70 71 or 72.

  • He turned that even even part was the worst.

  • And sometimes even when he was all over the place, he found a way to still shoot under par.

  • This Rory doesn't do that, I think, shows what scares me about this Rory, Though chubby Rory had more fun.

  • I think Chubby Rory had more fun at Gulf because he just wasn't wired is tight.

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Let's switch gears.

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