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  • resetting our top story of the day.

  • Chris Paul is headed to the Sun's Via Trade.

  • Thunder will receive Kelly, you Bray, Ricky Rubio, tie Jerome, Jalen Like you and a 2022 1st round pick for Paul and Abdel Nader.

  • That's according to our agent Ogonowski.

  • So, Dave, as we look at the Sun's new lineup, how good are they now with Chris Paul?

  • I mean, listen, if we can see some further development from DeAndre eaten and he becomes a guy who fills in the dunker spot on offense and could be the recipient of those wonderful lobs that Chris Paul used to throw to Tyson Chandler back of the day, you see him hit another level to his game.

  • You have Devin Booker, one of the best shot creators in the league, who will have the benefit of the confidence that he built for himself down in Orlando and recognize that there really aren't people in this league that could stop me.

  • If I can hit a game winner over Paul George and Kawhi Leonard at the same time, and he'll only get better and then you have guys, as I mentioned earlier in the show, Bridges, who I love, who was, you know, a championship type of guy at Villanova who comes in with three and D capabilities.

  • We put in positions to maximize his game by someone like Chris Paul, who knows all the nuances that could make a player better.

  • And so you put that together.

  • You have a guy who can really get through and connected in his players and Monty Williams.

  • I think they got a really good thing going there.

  • And, you know, again, I It's not a lock to be a playoff team because it's the West.

  • But they're a team that should be competitive every night.

  • I like to move for Phoenix.

  • I think it will help them chase the playoffs, so I'm gonna pick them to make the playoffs.

  • I think I'm a little wary of your turn, my turn with Chris, Paul and Devin Booker, but I bet they figure out some ways to keep it flowing.

  • Eight is gonna be a study on offense.

  • To me, The question is, this team is gonna be a top 10, maybe even top five offense.

  • They're gonna be a good offense.

  • The question is, does eight and developed fast enough on defense to get them toe average ish on that end?

  • Or do they have to spend whatever remaining cap flexibility they have?

  • Whether that's the mid level exception and bringing back Dario Sarge or going under the cap Ex splurging on somebody?

  • Do they have to spend that on defense?

  • Everyone's obsessed with them getting a stretch for, like Gallinari or pretends or somebody like that.

  • I kind of want to tilt it the other way.

  • Can they shore up their defense at all?

  • Because I think offensively with Chris in there, particularly late in games, I think this has a chance to be a really good offensive team.

  • Zach.

  • How much did the familiarity with Monty Williams play into this with Chris?

  • Okay, I think it's certainly played a role.

  • I mean, you know, won't was talking about this before.

  • Sam Presti at Oklahoma City has a track record of guys of this stature.

  • He's not going to trade him anywhere.

  • They don't want to go.

  • That means Chris was cool with Phoenix.

  • He liked the situation.

  • I'm sure Monte, whoever is almost universally adored in the N B.

  • A good coach, I'm sure that played a role.

  • Zach, let me ask you one more.

  • I asked Dave this earlier about their ceiling.

  • You have them penciled in Is a playoff team.

  • Obviously, it is the West.

  • It's kind of crazy.

  • What's there?

  • Sealing the sun's potentially.

  • I think they're ceiling is probably something like the fifth or sixth seed.

  • I mean, the West is an absolute bloodbath, you know, And you have a lot of teams that go up, go down an injury here.

  • Injury there.

  • I think it's gonna be tough to crack L A L A Denver.

  • And then you could start penciling in some teams.

  • Like I think Utah will have a strong season, but I don't see any reason why.

  • If everything hits right for Phoenix, like the rest of their cap flexibility, they spend it well.

  • They stay healthy.

  • Does Chris have quite the season he had last year?

  • Let's say he has 5% worse.

  • I don't see any reason why they can't right being that mix for 567 in the West as their ceiling.

  • Interesting.

resetting our top story of the day.

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How good are the Phoenix Suns with Chris Paul? | The Jump

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