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  • It was one of the biggest jewel heists in a decades now a possible breakthrough in the case.

  • Off the break in at Dresden's Green vault, one of Germany's most famous museums, Berlin police flooded the district off Noi Cone in a massive early morning raid in connection with the art theft.

  • Three suspects arrested in the radar due to appear in court later on suspicion off organized robbery and arson.

  • Last November, thieves broke into the dressed in museum and stole jewelry estimated to be worth around $1 billion.

  • For more of these latest developments, I'm now joined power chief political correspondent Melinda Crane.

  • Melinda.

  • What else do we know about the raid?

  • Well, in fact, more than 1600 police officers took part in this massive raid from states beyond Berlin from six other federal states as well.

  • And apparently they searched at least 18 properties that ranged from apartments, too.

  • Sellers, thio car garages.

  • Many of these were in the neighborhood that's known as Noi Cone here in Berlin, and that neighborhood is known for organized criminal gangs.

  • There is no confirmation yet that the three people who were arrested were, in fact, members of organized criminal gangs.

  • But some German media are reporting that there are indications that will prove to be the case.

  • And, as you said, the three who were arrested are being charged with theft and with Arsen Arsen because at the time of the robbery, a new electricity box that that conveys electric wires was, in fact cut, causing a fire.

  • And the suspects will be arraigned later on this afternoon.

  • And we're also expecting to hear more from authorities.

  • Melinda Crane, Thank you for this update.

  • Big on form or on the background off this story.

  • Let's bring in Scott Roxborough from arts and Culture departments called, um, that that theft was spectacular.

  • What more can you tell us about it?

  • Yeah, I know.

  • It was incredible.

  • Means the biggest Julie robbery in Germany in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Uh um, it happened early in the morning, almost exactly a year ago, in November and Dresden.

  • Um, what the thieves did was initially they set a fire at electricity electricity junction box to cut power to the area.

  • So the streets were dark.

  • Um, then they went to a first floor window at the museum, uh, tor off the bars that were there smashed their way through the glass, went straight to display case jewelry display.

  • They smashed their way through there with an ax, grabbed the jewels and took off.

  • The police were there very quickly.

  • There was an alarm sounded.

  • The police were there within five or six minutes, but they were already gone.

  • And the get away car that they used was found burnt out a short time later.

  • Way already had.

  • That is the jewelry that was stolen was intensely precious.

  • What else can you tell us about this jury?

  • The pieces that were actually stolen?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, the whole collection in the green vault.

  • This is ah, unique within.

  • Within Germany.

  • Really unique in the world.

  • It is the collection of Augustus, the strong 18th century ruler of Saxony.

  • Um, it could be maybe compared to the crown jewels of London.

  • It's this incredibly unique.

  • Um, uh, that's a set of pieces.

  • The pieces that were stolen included diamond crusted swords, brooches and so forth.

  • They some put the value of a billion euros arm.

  • Or but really, they're they're priceless.

  • I mean, this is a unique piece of German and Saxon cultural history.

  • Well, this is not the first highest injured in a in a German museum.

  • Um, half museums become soft targets for for criminals.

  • Yeah, I think I think you could really say that.

  • I mean, just a couple of years ago, 2017, we had a similar very spectacular robbery here in Germany.

  • In the bottom museum, where ah, huge gold coin worth about €4 million was also was also taken in a very dramatic robbery.

  • And and these are, you know, Ocean's 11 complicated geniuses that air pulling these off these air smash and grab operations there, just rushing in, grabbing what they can and and take going out.

  • Um, I think I think criminals are looking at German museums is very soft targets, incredibly valuable material in these museums.

  • Um, that's protected by really low end security that they find very easy to break through.

  • Um, but I don't really know what museums could do about it, because museums, our public spaces, people need to have access to this.

  • This is this culture.

  • Um, I'm not sure how you can turn public spaces into properly secure areas unless you want to turn them into bank vaults, and I don't think anybody wants that.

  • Will any of this jury appear on markets?

  • Black markets?

  • Uh, what are the chances of getting it back?

  • I think almost almost nil.

  • I mean, the, uh, right after robbery.

  • Art experts said Thies pieces air so well known, there's, um, internationally that would be impossible to sell them, even on the black market.

  • The impossible.

  • Sell them.

  • And they assume that the criminals broke them down and then sold off the jewelry.

  • The valuable metal similar to the gold coin that was stolen.

  • They actually have found the people who did it there now serving jail time.

  • But the coin itself was not recovered.

  • They assumed police assumed it was It was broken down, melted down for its gold and sold on.

  • What a shame.

  • Thank you very much.

It was one of the biggest jewel heists in a decades now a possible breakthrough in the case.

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