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  • Welcome back to the jump of Jorge Sedano in for Rachel Nichols.

  • After a much longer wait than we all expected, we're now just two days away from the 2020 NBA draft. Two prospects that have had to wait patiently for their time to get drafted are Georgia's Anthony Edwards and Kentucky's Tyree's Maxie, their representatives at clutch sports hosted a pro day here in Southern California a few weeks ago.

  • I sat down with the two young men and the MBA players that helped them train to get some insight into their mindset.

  • Entering this unprecedented draft, let's take a look.

  • Oh, I don't know.

  • Thing is no regular season workout for Georgia's SEC freshman of the year, Anthony Edwards.

  • He's preparing for a nationally televised pro day advance of the NBA draft, where he could be selected number one overall.

  • Pick Sky, that was.

  • He's here in this position for a reason.

  • Some guys, you know, a little bit behind some guys, either, right?

  • There are some guys ahead, and I think he's ahead.

  • Also preparing for that same national showcase is all SEC Kentucky guard Tyreese Maxie, personal backcourt stand out and potential lottery.

  • Give it a max in any room at all.

  • What San realities.

  • One thing that the Kentucky just university as a whole.

  • They treat you like a pro.

  • That's what your dreams or aspirations Coach can't ask every kid.

  • That's what they want to do that So he is gonna treat us.

  • He always say, What's up, Number one?

  • But I'd be trying to tell him like he's better than what they projected.

  • Mask.

  • What has this process been like for you?

  • I mean, it's been unreal.

  • I really can't describe it, but it probably taught me patience because the draft supposed to been in, like, June or July.

  • I think they're supposed to be in some early.

  • I posted already been played my first game, so it just taught me patience.

  • Overall, that's right.

  • The SEC ties don't stop with the two lottery hopefuls helping Maxie prepared for the biggest job interview of his life.

  • His former Vandy guard, 2019, number five pick Darius Garland.

  • Working with Edwards is two time NBA All Star former L S U Tiger Ben Simmons.

  • Come here.

  • You kind of reminds me of a little bit of LeBron just that size, his athleticism.

  • He's got great hands.

  • You can shoot the ball Well, um, he has a good feel for again.

  • You see some things that it doesn't work out, like when we're just going live like, Wow, it just shocks you and some of those things that you didn't see.

  • I could take it.

  • What conversations have you guys had about your current process about the draft process?

  • To be honest with you, I'm just ready to get there and see for myself what it's like.

  • I don't want you to spoil my apple on the tree E.

  • I don't think it's anxiety is just like, you know, just curious.

  • And I'm curious where I'll be living spending having a long part of my journey of my life here.

  • Welcome to Los Angeles.

  • It's the Anthony Edwards of Tyree's Maxie.

  • Pro Day should be trying to duck the camera.

  • You got to get used to All right, could be the number one overall selection on a couple of NBA champs Here.

  • You work out his beginning A two game?

  • Yes, yeah, hi, Not nice.

  • Harry's Matthew.

  • He's a big game player.

  • Anthony Edwards generates so much force to the accelerator actually showing that He's got that deep range applause from LeBron and the crew a man, because I want to show my shooting has improved shooting off balance, shooting off cats, shooting off a lot of different actions.

  • I feel like I'm better than every player in the draft.

  • Um, anybody feel some type of way they could let me know, and I just feel like I'm the best player.

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Welcome back to the jump of Jorge Sedano in for Rachel Nichols.

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Anthony Edwards & Tyrese Maxey talk 2020 NBA Draft | The Jump

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