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  • top story.

  • We had a blast in D.

  • C this weekend, according Toa o a n n.

  • Tens of thousands attended the Million Mega March The word million, referring to the number of scabs behind attendees, years from where the Oakley's got too tight.

  • So, Alex, have you recovered yet from sprinting alongside the present Steve Kerr Trump motorcade, begging the president for eye contact?

  • I don't think anybody is recovered from this election, in large part because the president keeps stoking a fraudulent theories about the fact that it might have been rigged.

  • You know, I was dressed as a don't tread on me flag with a snake on my shoulders.

  • Britney style.

  • You know, Her dad is also in charge of my conservatory ship he wanted in the game of Connect four.

  • I think it's inspiring to see so many people who are fully prepared to fall for whatever financial scam Trump is about to ask of them.

  • Well, anticipating a feisty weekend, I tasked myself with keeping watch over America's most precious tulip varietals at the Botanic Garden, the proud boys confused me for a liberal cook, and I took a few serrated knife, stabs my ribs didn't like one bit.

  • Wow!

  • Congrats.

  • Trump has tasked Rudy Giuliani toe lead the legal team responsible for securing the election results.

  • Rudy's thinking at such high levels that no one can figure out what the he's saying.

  • In Detroit, we have evidence that 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4 30 in the morning, and to the extent that are witnesses and there are four of them saw it.

  • And one of them is a ex employees of Dominion.

  • According to them, every single ballot was for Biden.

  • And not only that, whatever ballots they could see because these weren't Republicans, so they could get closer every ballot they could see.

  • It just had Biden's name on it.

  • Now, why does that happen?

  • It happens because you know you're behind Dominion notifies you.

  • You call off the county, and then you start doing balance like this.

  • Okay, Alex, is there mawr airtight proof that Trump is taking this recount extremely seriously than hiring Rudy Giuliani, a man who has too frequently apologize for vomiting on his divorce.

  • A Dates, breasts.

  • Rudy Giuliani is the person you go to when no one else will take your case there is a reason that judges across the country in battleground states have thrown out these ridiculous lawsuits.

  • They're based on nothing.

  • I mean, I think Rudy is showing off that he could speak computer.

  • I mean, the second he started citing that and talking like that, all my appliances came into the living room, scared the hell out of May.

  • Now, interestingly, I hired Rudy as an attorney back in the eighties to settle a small claims suit over a $300 plumbing cost, and I somehow ended up spending five years in federal prison.

  • Love that.

  • Enough about that.

  • The media is pretending.

  • The hoax virus that my aunt hoax died of is increasing in 49 states that has infected 11 million Americans.

  • The Amazon Washington Post came after my boy Trump, even though he's still recovering from the very deadly coronavirus.

  • The Washington Post is reporting this morning that the president has not attended a coronavirus task force meeting and at least five months.

  • Is that accurate?

  • Um, that that's true, but the vice president does chair the coronavirus task force, uh, the vice president.

  • We often have several Cabinet members there, and the vice president briefs the president every day or nearly every day.

  • Trump knows how to delegate.

  • He lets his team handle the small stuff like the global pandemic.

  • While he focuses on the more pressing issues like who's being rude to him?

  • Alex, back me up.

  • There's a reason there are refrigerated trucks being used as ad hoc morgues in El Paso.

  • It is because people are dying at an alarming rate.

  • At the end of this year, there could be 500,000 Americans in the ground.

  • The pandemic is riel.

  • The president is doing nothing about it, and that is the reason the numbers keep climbing.

  • You know what?

  • No one is pointing out right now.

  • There have been no global pandemics under Trump since Cove.

  • It you can have your own opinion.

  • You can't have your own fax.

  • I mean, obviously, liberals planted this virus as a biological weapon in the war on Christmas.

  • I mean, they're completely forgetting that the cure might be turning a gingerbread house into a smoothie, drinking it out of your pet squirrels belly button than punching your mouth and cousin in the throat, you know, Christmas.

  • Wow.

  • Yeah, I think everybody was about to say that since Donald Trump declared Fox News is no longer the shoes and his followers fell in line.

  • I assume after rigorous debate, the question arises of which network is going to be the proverbial hot tub where Maga guys can smoke cigars while news jets pummel their ass cheeks.

  • Apparently, Trump allies explored a buyout of NewsMax TV as a Fox News alternative.

  • There's O a n n in the mix, too, Which Donny Boy himself is plugged, but we hear it hot Take would like to formally make a bid to be the new Maga Channel.

  • Roll the tape.

  • Forget mainstream liberal media outlets like Fox News NewsMax in O a n.

  • Those networks Onley report fax that serve their narrative.

  • While it's hot take.

  • We promised to never report, fax it all or even acknowledge a shared reality.

  • Tucker Carlson and his cronies cast doubt on climate change.

  • Hot take believes Earth is inside a Panthers nipple, and he's walking through a desert right now away and gives a platform toe.

  • Wackos who think there are satellites in your teeth and medicine is poison at hot tape.

  • We tell you the truth.

  • There are satellites everywhere in your body and medicine is salsa hot tape.

  • The new home for mega country.

  • Damn.

  • If I was Trump and I saw that I would be in my pants.

  • Honestly, if I was me and I saw that I'd be in my pants.

  • You know this all to say I am coming in my pants right now.

  • Tyler Language.

  • I told you my babies were home alone watching this.

  • Alex, You want in on the new media venture?

  • I think it would be a a fantastic idea.

  • It would be saving the country.

top story.

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Hot Take's bid for Trump's new MAGA news network

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/17
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