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  • you know, one thing you're doing that is great.

  • Is your staying saying by doing a sort of a live stream on Twitter and what's really nice is that your fans, you got a lot of fans they get to talk to, and they get to ask you absurd questions and then you and is the best.

  • That is the best thing about it, because, um, podcasts are great and shows a great, but I think that they're the audiences watching other people talking to each other.

  • Where is this?

  • I'm actually talking to them and I'm answering their questions.

  • And some of the questions were really good.

  • In fact, I want to do it live and use some of their questions because they're they range from really interesting philosophical questions, toe just ridiculous questions.

  • But it za really good fun.

  • And you're right.

  • It keeps me saying, and it's free, and it's like a It's like a big sort of online club.

  • So I'm really enjoying that.

  • Yeah.

  • What kind of questions have you got that you've really liked?

  • Where, uh, one question was they know I love sort of science and nature, and they said, What is the most amazing fact about nature.

  • That's right, because it makes you think because it's so amazing what, Uh, my answer.

  • Waas and humans are more closely related to salmon than salmon are to sharks.

  • So it shows the vastness that the length of time, the number of generations in evolution on, uh on.

  • Then someone asked me, Would I rather have thumbs for nipples or nipples for thumbs?

  • So what's your answer?

  • The difference.

  • I said I'd rather have thumbs for nipples because then I could hitchhike while reading a book.

  • E think I want the nipples on the thumbs I want I want Yeah, because then I can constantly I can wear mittens and constantly be arousing myself, and no one knows just wearing mittens.

  • And I'm just constantly in a state of full arousal.

  • But also my hands are cold.

  • If they were functioning, if they would lactate in nipples, you you'll be able to have a little bit of sustenance, wouldn't you?

  • You have a black coffee and then, yeah, I mean, you'd be You'd be a grown, very famous 6 ft six man sucking his thumb right in public.

  • You go.

  • No, no, no nipples.

  • Wrong that is a nipple like Oh, okay.

  • Trust me, they all know that I was the guy who kept trying to hang himself while masturbating.

  • So in the hierarchy of embarrassing things I'm doing, this is not.

  • But there was.

  • There's a nice one.

  • Uh, a time traveler comes to your door from 25 years in the future, and you're allowed to ask him one question which I thought was really that was really good as well.

  • What would you ask him?

  • E would say, Uh, how was I murdered?

  • You know everyone, you know, because I know someone's going to kill me.

  • It's inevitable, I would say.

  • And I might even be more specific and say, How did Ricky Gervais murder me?

  • You'd be like, Oh, well, what Ricky did was really clever.

  • It was the old collapsing wardrobe.

  • E.

  • I get a lot of cats and dogs aside.

  • You know, obviously, that's what Social Media's for Andi.

  • I like the cats and dogs.

  • They they ask questions.

  • From their perspective, there's one.

  • There's one dog that called Bella, who's a Whippet that asked me questions on one of the questions was, I say he won a lot of awards.

  • But have you ever found a really good stick and taking it away home?

  • Who's to say, What's the bigger accomplishment?

  • Who's to say Yeah, exactly, yeah.

you know, one thing you're doing that is great.

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Ricky Gervais Gets Absurd Questions From His Fans - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/17
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