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  • a little different situation for Tiger the 12th.

  • Well, when you're down in the field, a lot of times you started thinking well, instead of playing safe, maybe I'll go with this one a little bit more, be a little bit more aggressive.

  • The wind was finally blowing enough to swirl around down there.

  • Just enough.

  • The ball comes up a couple of yards short and it's wet.

  • So he would take the drop from just short of the green.

  • A nice little pit shot should be fairly easy, right?

  • Well, that is a very difficult shot.

  • I'm not so sure that it might not be better.

  • Sometimes they hit it from the tea, but this one, he just over spun little bit unlucky.

  • And now you're starting to lose your focus a little bit.

  • After the second one goes in way saw Jordan speed that a couple balls in the water here, 12 a couple years ago that cost him a green jack.

  • And so here Tiger was not gonna make the same mistake twice.

  • He's gonna hit it deep enough, but it bounces over into the bunker.

  • Yeah, Not only is it in the bunker, it's in the spot where he's gonna have a very awkward why and with his back situation, these kind of things he does not need.

  • That's also not a shot.

  • You practice from that position.

  • Let's be fair.

  • And he's trying to just chunk it out literally.

  • Just chunk it out of the bunker and let it release down there and he gets it a little bit skinny.

  • And now your options are going back across or dropping in the bunker and play from there.

  • So three balls in the water at Ah Hole that was playing 158 yards.

  • So his eighth shot from the bunker again, barely out of the sand and on to the French.

  • Now he'll be putting for nine.

  • I know my quads and quints couples, my sex couples, but a 10 on the part three.

  • That's seven over par, Clearly the worst hole and Tiger's masters history.

  • How about this stretch?

  • The tiger went on starting at the 13.

  • You don't get to tap out when things going like that perfect tee shot at 13.

  • Beautiful swing with a long iron puts it in their great just exactly wanna put it left of the hole.

  • Great opportunity for Eagle End, up missing that made birdie thing.

  • He parred 14 and onto 15.

  • He missed that just right of the green on the second shop.

  • It's a good spot toe.

  • Be able to play this whole to the back hole location.

  • Beautifully judged speed on this chip and run down the hill.

  • Okay, that's another birdie.

  • So he's got two birdies in his last three holes, and then we go to the par 3/16.

  • Tough pin placement.

  • This was the shot of the day at the 16th at 1 74.

  • That's just a little teeny flat area back in the back, right?

  • Most difficult hole Location on this green tiger just hits a laser right at it.

  • Tap in birdie.

  • That's three out of four.

  • All right, so we go to the par 4/17 to know the good Dr puts him in the middle of the fairway and a solid iron shot.

  • Yet again, This is a very difficult hole.

  • Location cannot afford to miss it.

  • Even 4 ft to the right of the flag stick.

  • It will run right off the green, and the right takes it right at it, setting up a perfect birdie opportunity straight up the hill.

  • He makes that that's four out of five.

  • And so we go to the final hope for him the 18th.

  • At one point he was minus three when he got to the 12th.

  • After that 10, he was plus forward.

  • That putt right there gets him to read numbers for the tournament.

  • What a stretch of golf by Tiger after that.

  • 10 on the par 3/12.

  • So Tiger finishes 37 39 on his final round, plus 4 76.

  • But again, he did finish in red numbers as the defending champion for the first time.

  • He's finished outside the top 15 and, you know, and you look at Tiger.

  • Coming back from last year, 2019 was such an emotional victory for him winning that fifth green jacket.

  • Um, what did we learn about Tiger right now that we can even apply to what we expect from him the next time we see him on the golf course, which may not be the 2021 I think we understand that when he's feeling good, he can actually play some really good golf.

  • Still, Thursday, a round of golf was really solid, Very easy.

  • 68 could be much, much better.

  • We also learned that when you get into some bad weather situations have to play more than 18 holes during the day and you get off off your schedule a little bit.

  • It's gonna affect him.

  • We saw his back stiffen up, and he struggled through that day a little bit.

  • And even today, he still made so unbelievably good swings when he made mistakes that cost him.

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a little different situation for Tiger the 12th.

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Tiger Woods' disastrous 12th hole highlights in the final round of the 2020 Masters | SportsCenter

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