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  • a user account allows you to sign into your Mac OS computer by default.

  • Your Mac already has one user account, which you are required to create when setting up your computer.

  • But if you have several people using the computer, you may want to create a separate account for each person.

  • Each user can set up the Mac the way they like, including customizing their settings and even maintaining separate folders and files to create a new user account.

  • Begin by clicking the apple icon, Select system preferences and then choose users and groups.

  • In this window, you'll see a lock icon.

  • If the lock is closed, you'll need to click it and type an administrator password to make the changes.

  • If you only have one account, you'll just use the password for that one.

  • Then select unlock, click the plus button to begin creating a new account.

  • Any new users you add are automatically assigned a standard account, but you also have the option of changing it by clicking the drop down menu Here.

  • Administrator accounts are used for making changes to system settings or managing other people's accounts, but you may not want to use one all the time as it makes it easier to accidentally change important settings.

  • A better solution is to give everybody a standard account and only log in as an administrator when you need to change something.

  • This computer doesn't need more than one administrator, so I'm going to keep this as a standard account.

  • Next, you'll need to fill in some information.

  • The account name will appear automatically, then create a password, and if you want, you can type a password.

  • Hint.

  • To help you remember it.

  • When you're finished, click.

  • Create user to switch user accounts, click the apple icon and select.

  • Log out.

  • From here.

  • You can choose the account you want to use to log in.

  • If you like, you can create mawr user accounts to fit your needs.

  • Creating separate user accounts can help you and the other people who use your computer improve and personalize the Mac OS experience.

  • G C F.

  • Global.

a user account allows you to sign into your Mac OS computer by default.

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macOS Basics: User Accounts

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