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  • Hi, folks.

  • The good news is that NHS tests and traces working evermore efficiently.

  • The bad news is that they picked me and I've got to self isolate because somebody I was in contact with a few days ago has developed co vid on bond.

  • It doesn't matter that we were all doing social distancing.

  • It doesn't matter that I'm fit as butcher's dog feel great s so many people do in my circumstances and actually doesn't matter that I've had the disease and I'm bursting with antibodies.

  • We've got to interrupt thes spread of the disease on one of the ways we can do that now is by self isolating for 14 days when you get contacted by NHS tests and trace and I do it with a high heart full of optimism and confidence.

  • Because don't forget, we not only have this technique for interrupting the transmission of Kobe, but we also now have two gigantic boxing gloves with which talk wallop our foe into submission.

  • Mass lateral flow testing, rapid turnaround testing of a kind that this country is leading the way in and we've got tens of millions of these tests already and of course, the prospect off a vaccine, which I hope will be able to start distributing to those who really need it, perhaps even before Christmas.

  • So that's the way forward.

  • I'm absolutely confident together we can beat this disease.

  • Don't forget hands, face space.

  • Get a test.

  • If you have symptoms on NHS, tests and trace, contact you and say you've got toe self isolate, then follow the rules.

  • That's what I'm going to do on day.

  • I have plenty more to say in the course the next few days, but for now, plenty more to say by Zoom, of course, on other means of electronic communication, but for now, overnight.

Hi, folks.

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