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  • when Justin Thomas is striking the iron, he's the best iron player in the world and plays great with a chip on his shoulder.

  • We saw glimpses of it throughout the week, and even Brooks he's had some health issues.

  • But we even saw Brooks get toe 809 100 they could flirting with with the comment.

  • Here he comes.

  • But again, I don't I don't think this isn't a tournament where you can afford Let's call it, you're playing 72 holes.

  • I don't think this is a tournament where you can afford 10 bad holes.

  • You can't and I think each of them had a stretch of, at least if you look at their scorecards.

  • Throughout the course.

  • The tournament had a stretch where if you look at Justin Thomas, he had a stretch of some brilliant golf.

  • He had a stretch of par golf and then he had a stretch of.

  • You can't do that golf, you know, for I think both Justin Thomas M.

  • Brooks kept, uh, it really felt like they just couldn't get mo mentum going like they would have a good hole and then hit a tee shot and like Okay, yeah, man, we're gonna get going.

  • And then a second shot and a putt.

  • And it was just like it really felt like anytime they started to do something where they were trying to build momentum, they would make a mistake.

  • And instead of saving par, they'd make a bogey and the Mo Mentum would just didn't Brooks.

  • At one point, I don't remember what day it waas.

  • Maybe it was Saturday.

  • Maybe it's Friday.

  • Didn't he start off any birdie?

  • Two birdie, three year he got going is like, Oh, here comes Brooks.

  • He's gonna make a run.

  • He was never in his gonna contentious Justin Thomas Waas, but you can't go in part of the par fives.

  • And and Brooks, you know, the chip that he had early in his round kind of things going on Sunday.

  • He's a player Brooks has always been.

  • When he's competing and winning for major championships, he goes almost like a basketball game.

  • He goes on a game of runs.

  • You wanna hear something funny?

  • What I'm talking about?

  • Brooks kept it.

  • Now crush you.

  • Brooks kept looked on Sunday like Dustin Johnson used to when he was feeling like he didn't have a chance to win.

  • Like he just went through the motions.

  • Well, Brooks is the first one to tell you he wasn't.

  • He wasn't grinding.

  • Brooks will tell you, but there was a time like when he was at nine under par.

  • Where you like.

  • Okay, if you shoot 30 on the back, Yeah, but if he knows, he doesn't have it like, it doesn't take long to know you don't have a 30 you And when you're looking at the leaderboard E, he's laughing around the video clip.

  • We were just showing these guys Air Mawr realistic with the moment than we think and that we know like Brooks.

  • He's not an idiot.

  • He's gonna look at the leader board.

  • He knows how he's playing is like, All right, I'm gonna go out here, finish my round, trying to string together something he's not worried about getting invited back to the Masters.

  • Obviously, right.

  • Same with Justin Thomas.

  • But what does that mean for those guys for next year?

  • And I just looked at those with Brooks.

  • It means nothing to me because I've seen him absolutely obliterate people when he's he's gonna want that masters so bad he's gonna get one next year, because now D J got his correct.

  • Anybody still got D J four to?

  • Yeah, but D D J got the green jacket, though.

  • He'll get hit and is holding it right now.

  • He wants to know what trophy Brooks is holding right now.

  • None.

  • Nobody's got four of them over D J.

  • So?

  • So what?

  • That's like saying I used to date a model.

  • Did you?

  • I used to date a model.

  • Did you still dater?

  • Did you left me?

  • Did you use to data model?

  • What does that matter?

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when Justin Thomas is striking the iron, he's the best iron player in the world and plays great with a chip on his shoulder.

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