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  • to Ethiopia, where Prime Minister RB Ahmed has announced a quote final military operation against the defiant Tigray province in coming days.

  • The federal government has carried out what it called surgical airstrikes on the tick right capital off.

  • Michaela on has denied reports of casualties.

  • Ethiopian leaders have so far resisted international pressure for mediation with a Tigray rebel forces, but fallout from the two week conflict has the potential to destabilize.

  • The entire region has already kicked off humanitarian crisis.

  • These are the weary faces of a conflict that is spelling out beyond Ethiopia's borders.

  • Aid groups say 25,000 people have now fled to Sudan since fighting broke out.

  • Half of them are Children.

  • Some may not see their father's or husband's again way came with the clothes on our backs.

  • I don't know where my husband is.

  • I've been looking for him for five days.

  • I don't know where he is.

  • Way e don't know what happened.

  • There was heavy fighting on Many people died after that.

  • They told us to leave, so we fled.

  • Everyone did E.

  • I will not.

  • Ethiopia's government says its fighters with rebel groups in the rebellious Tigre region the State TV pictures claim to show its forces liberating towns, but hundreds are reported to have been killed.

  • Officials in the capital have resisted calls for external mediation.

  • We don't need any immigration until we bring the exciting leaders to court, because, um, any mediation would incentivize impunity and unruliness t dry TV appear official captured Eritrean trips with him.

  • Rebel forces have also been fighting.

  • Ethiopia says some of its soldiers have also been taken prisoner, capturing our soldiers, our commanders, generals.

  • We don't know where they are now.

  • Truly speaking, we don't know our commanders.

  • They are in jail.

  • We don't know.

  • Maybe they're not alive.

  • Ethiopia's prime minister has promised a final military operation in the coming days and said he's ready to re integrate the swelling numbers of refugees now trying to survive on the banks of the Tech.

  • Easy River in Sudan For some background on this story, I'm now joined from London by Ahmad Soliman.

  • He's a researcher with the Africa program at the Chatham House think tank.

  • Uh Ethiopia's prime minister issued a deadline for terrorized militia to surrender.

  • He says that has just expired.

  • So what can we expect to happen now?

  • well, it's It's difficult to know where this conflict is going.

  • The situation has been involving very rapidly.

  • Of course.

  • We've had intensified military action throughout Tick Ryan in the West Onda we're seeing, you know, the numbers have reported casualties rising into the hundreds, if not Mawr.

  • What we have also is ground fighting taking place and and troops advancing on to the regional capital, Mackell A.

  • So the prime minister who is largely controlled the narrative around development has asserted that this military action will be swift.

  • But many people think that this could become a much more entrenched and protracted conflict, one which turns with the TPLF becoming an insurgency movement in a very difficult terrain and mountainous and rugged region.

  • So there is there isn't really, I guess, understanding of whether this operation which is being taken, is one which is to submit the TPL left so that they eventually come.

  • Thio negotiated settlement in a very weakened position, or one which is following the stated aims, which is to remove the TPLF administration from two bry on and prevent them and replace them with a provisional administration.

  • Well, you have said that Prime minister coming into leadership was really a dramatic change that flipped the power dynamics on its head.

  • Is he risking to destabilize the whole region there?

  • Yes, I think there are wider regional implications and the possibility of protracted conflict we're already seeing could could have really terrible effects for the broader Horn of Africa region for East Africa Anay area, which has seen cyclical conflict over many decades, on which we just, I think, under a swell, the emergence of Abby's leadership, beginning to look towards increasing integrations and stability as your report shows, and unverifiable reports of Eritrean fighters being involved in alongside the federal government forces.

  • But what we do know aunt has been admitted is that TPLF have said that they have targeted through the Eritrean capital is, well Azaz border positions with missiles.

  • We also know that Sudan a some other neighboring country, has his own very delicate transition with the civilian civilian military administration.

  • On the influx of tens of thousands reported by the UNHCR up to 25,000, as your report put it, increasing everyday potentially into hundreds of thousands of of civilians fleeing the conflict in Sudan could have a an impact on a region which has its own intercommunal tensions on which has been experiences in its own travel troubles, which could have a broader impact on the Sudanese transition.

  • I'm a brief, brief answer.

  • Please.

  • Do you see any solution to this?

  • Any prospects for international mediation, perhaps.

  • And who could do that?

  • I think the timing is right.

  • Needs to be right for mediation.

  • At the moment, the federal government has said that it is not open to that.

  • If the conflict becomes worse, if it becomes more protracted and losses ah felt on both sides, there could be an opening attraction for a negotiated settlement on bringing a truce to this conflict.

  • I think the international community needs to continue its strong messaging to deescalate thio, bring truce and to allow humanitarian access.

  • And they also need to prepare who the mediating team would be.

  • Whether that would be mandated through the United Nations with African statesman in charge such as the the AU chair Cyril Ram, oppose our on the god chair, a Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdan.

  • So I think there is that the only way forward for for Ethiopia really is through inclusive dialogue and through coming through a negotiated settlement.

  • I'm a Salomon in London.

to Ethiopia, where Prime Minister RB Ahmed has announced a quote final military operation against the defiant Tigray province in coming days.

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Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy vows ‘final’ offensive in Tigray conflict | DW News

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