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  • Hi.

  • This is Aparna from Indian Matchmaking.


  • I'm a lawyer, and I volunteer, and I travel everywhere I can.

  • Every day I'm sad I've only made it to 40 countries.

  • How will I get to 41?

  • So I joke on the show that I don't

  • want to do 10 days on a beach.

  • And that's actually not a joke.

  • Do not ever make me lay on a beach

  • for more than like three hours.

  • I like to be more active, so if we could

  • do things together and explore.


  • So my top five destinations are Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina,

  • Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico, and the Rum Wadi in Jordan.

  • So I was only in Ecuador for a short few days,

  • but it definitely took my breath away.

  • I thought Quito was just beautiful.

  • The high elevation city was so cosmopolitan.


  • So I thought Colombia had that same uniqueness as Ecuador,

  • as it had both the city feel which I could enjoy in Bogota.

  • And then within a short flight, we were in Cartagena.

  • We were on our own private boat, taking us out to these islands.

  • We were eating fresh lobster on the beach

  • and it was incredible that that was just all in one country.

  • Argentina was just so special.

  • I did Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and went down to Patagonia.

  • My favorite was the glacier walking.

  • I was like, I have to climb a glacier?

  • But it was exhilarating.


  • So Valle was a super surprise.

  • I didn't think I would love it as much as I did.

  • We also got to stay in these bubbles, bubble hotels.

  • So they're inflatable.

  • If you by mistake unzip them and leave a little hole,

  • your whole accommodation will basically deflate.


  • The Rum Wadi in Jordan--

  • this was actually our first My Golden Balloon trips.

  • It was just so incredible.

  • So the movie The Martian was filmed out there.

  • It's very red.

  • It's very rugged.

  • It looks like a different planet.


  • I started it in the end of 2018.

  • Basically the concept was that we would lead luxury tours

  • for professionals.

  • Our itineraries are set.

  • They're my favorite things to do.

  • We take care of everything the moment they land.

  • It's a way for them to escape, but not

  • have to do any of that planning.


  • I told Sima two things that I wanted.

  • I wanted someone who was laid back, introverted,

  • and like the wallflower.

  • And then I wanted someone who is very, very intelligent.

  • I don't think Sima understood that, obviously,

  • because she kept disagreeing with me and saying, no.

  • So I'm telling her, he's not the funniest guy in the room,

  • you know, that guy, thinking she just

  • doesn't understand my English.

  • No, it turns out that she did understand.

  • She just wasn't interested.

  • They're lively, jolly.

  • No.

  • So they want their partner to accept their jokes.

  • And she wanted me with someone jolly.

  • And I thought Santa was jolly.

  • And I was like, I don't want Santa Claus.


  • I hope I'm ineligible because I found someone.

  • I mean, if there's a season two, if I'm single,

  • I'd be down to chat with them about what

  • that would look like.


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Aparna’s top 5 travel destinations

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