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  • Claudia Romeo: Baguettes.

  • Can you name a more quintessential French food?

  • The recipe is quite simple.

  • You just need flour, water, yeast, and salt.

  • Yet, here in France, it's not just any loaf of bread

  • that anybody can make at home.

  • We're in Paris in the 14th district,

  • and we're about to meet with Mahmoud M'seddi.

  • He's an artisanal baker, son of a baker,

  • who's been making bread basically

  • ever since he can remember.

  • This is his shop.

  • Let's walk in.

  • [bread crackling] Mahmoud is a master of bread.

  • Look at this giant loaf!

  • He even won an award for the best baguette in Paris.

  • What he's going to show us is not your average baguette,

  • but the baguette tradition,

  • which is a baguette made on-site with simple ingredients.

  • Claudia: Making a baguette is much more complex

  • and time consuming than you'd think.

  • Every step requires inside knowledge, skill, and expertise.

  • It all starts with the dough.

  • Mahmoud starts making the dough at 5 a.m.

  • with only flour and water, kneads it,

  • then at 8 a.m. he adds yeast and salt and water again.

  • Claudia: You can hear the sounds of the dough.

  • [dough squelching]

  • Claudia: When the dough is ready, it rests for one hour.

  • Then it is taken out in small batches.

  • Claudia: The batches of dough will be left

  • to rest until the following day,

  • while batches from the day before

  • are going to be cut in pieces and shaped.

  • This is when the dough starts to resemble a baguette.

  • Claudia: One batch of dough will make about 20 baguettes,

  • and about 200 baguettes will come out

  • from the whole of the dough.

  • [crunching]

  • Wow. It smells so nice.

  • So soft inside.

Claudia Romeo: Baguettes.

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How French Baguettes Are Made In Paris | Regional Eats

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