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  • so I will ask anyone on this show who wants to do so to change my mind.

  • I would argue that based on all those circumstances, no one is under more pressure this weekend.

  • Then Carson Wentz.

  • I believe he is facing more pressure to win this weekend than anyone, because if you watch the Giants play, they're not good.

  • But they play everybody tough.

  • So could the Giants win this game?

  • They absolutely could.

  • And if either The noise got loud this week after Brett Farve made his comments.

  • Imagine how loud it will be next week in Philadelphia if the Eagles were to lose to the Giants.

  • So, in my opinion, there's no one under more pressure this weekend.

  • Then Carson Wentz.

  • Let me bring out the group here and see if anyone wants to try and change my mind on that.

  • Who will we go to first?

  • Kimberly?

  • I'll start with you.

  • Want to change my mind?

  • What do you think?

  • Who's under the most pressure this week?

  • You know what I wanted to, but I really am in agreement.

  • You know why?

  • Because Carson Wentz was drafted in 2016, and we still don't know if he's the guy that's a problem, especially in Philly, especially after they won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles at quarterback.

  • I think when you look at this offense there a lot of questions, and Carson is not delivering the answers that people need.

  • And Doug Peterson e don't want refusal.

  • But his reticence to just squash the Brett Farr stuff from Jump did raise eyebrows in Philly.

  • I mean, Frank Reich.

  • Since Frank Reich left Peterson, this offense and Carson once have not looked the same, and that is troubling.

  • It's worth reminding everyone who doesn't know Doug Peterson and Brett Farve were teammates once upon a time in Green Bay.

  • So I think, sort of added a layer to this.

  • All right, RC, you look pensive.

  • Do you want to change my mind?

  • I want to.

  • So bad leaders like exactly I've run through.

  • I've run through every single division, every quarterback, every head coach, and I've tried to think of someone who was in a more difficult situation because no matter how much you want to say about Brett Farr, Brett Farve is a Hall of Famer.

  • Brett Farve knows quarterback place.

  • So when he says that people start to think.

  • You know what?

  • That's right, Nick Foles was was the Super Bowl M v P.

  • And then Now you look at the fact that if Evan Ingram catches of football in prime time against the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants actually beat them.

  • And so you start to think about where Carson Wentz is in his career and what we expect from the money that they gave him.

  • And then you say, Doug Peterson, you took a long time to come out and say something about Brett Farve.

  • Did you whisper this to him?

  • Is this something that you guys have had a conversation about?

  • So, greenie, I'd like to make you wrong.

  • But today I can't.

  • You are absolutely correct.

  • Carson Wentz is under more duress.

  • Mawr stress He is under higher microscope than anybody playing football this weekend.

  • I'm two for two birds, Scott.

  • What do you think?

  • You want to change my mind?

  • I'll tell you what you in your inbred favor of both wrong Ryan.

  • I tell you what, when you go and you have to look at the chef and the chef in the kitchen that got all the ingredients that he needs for a great meal but has failed to put it together.

  • Is Bruce errands because the most talented roster in all of football is to Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they have the goat?

  • He hasn't found a way to try and get the best out of the goat.

  • He's trying to mix his philosophy.

  • He's trying to mix his philosophy with Tom Brady's.

  • We saw this happen with Peyton Manning went to Denver.

  • You have to let Tom Brady be Tom Brady.

  • Bruce errands has to find a way to get this team and this offense and settle in on a proper personnel.

  • So Bruce Aaron's the chef is under the most pressure.

  • E.

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so I will ask anyone on this show who wants to do so to change my mind.

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Carson Wentz is under the most pressure in Week 10 - Mike Greenberg | Get Up

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