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  • can't believe the draft is this week.

  • So, so busy And take a look at Jonathan.

  • Gabonese projected top 10 ticks picks for this year's draft.

  • It's Wednesday right here on ESPN.

  • This is a brand new top three.

  • We got Edwards at one, followed by Wiseman and then Lemelle Oh ball dropping to three.

  • Giovanni says the trade talks are definitely in play for the top pick, but most teams are sensing that Anthony Edwards is the likely selection if Minnesota does stay in that spot.

  • And now new on SportsCenter.

  • Here is James Wiseman on playing at the next level.

  • I feel like everything.

  • Yeah, like I need to work on.

  • I would say like my shooters got way better my ball having got better, but just like just like the under this, just like trying to get adjusted and just making sure that, like I just become a leader.

  • But also, I would say like automatic components that I did in Memphis of being a vocal leader just feel like working on my strengths.

  • But I really my weakness is really something I work on every day, so really, just trying to get better every day, trying toe develop all around game just tryingto reach my highest potential for more.

  • We welcome in our MBA draft analyst Mike Smith.

  • I mean, it's so amazing.

  • Everything that's already happened in his life, the 7 ft one Wiseman and the eligibility battle with the N.

  • C.

  • A.

  • So talk to me about this projected number two overall pick going to the Warriors.

  • A team that is getting Steph Curry back getting Clay Thompson back.

  • What's the thought process there?

  • He's the name you've been hearing for the last few weeks, even months tied to the Warriors just because he fits a need.

  • You know, they haven't had an athletic big like that who can run the floor, finish above the rim, blocked shots.

  • And so I think he could slide right in and play alongside a Steph Curry.

  • Klay Thompson a Draymond green and give them that athletic presence toe battle.

  • Maybe an Anthony Davis or unequal Yokich.

  • But where's top executive Bob Myers has publicly said that they're not just gonna draft for the now they're gonna look at the future.

  • And if you're looking at the future, there's no player with more star power than Lemelle, a ball.

  • I mean, he is incredible upside.

  • He's a 6 ft seven point guard, and I do think long term he could fit with Steph Curry with Clay Thompson.

  • I mean, imagine two of the greatest shooters of all time getting up and down Trent up and down in transition with the melon ball, the best passer in this draft.

  • I do think he has some fans within that front office.

  • Okay, so it's not a sure thing, but what a great position for the Warriors.

  • They have that big three coming back because I put Draymond Green.

  • They're they're healthy and here they get a top pick, so they're in great shape.

  • I want to ask you, though, because we have Edwards moving to number one.

  • We have ball falling down to number three to the Hornets.

  • So what's the reasoning there?

  • It's more an issue of fit than anything.

  • You know.

  • Teams don't see Ah superstar in this draft.

  • They don't see a bona fide stud at the top, so they're going to draft for fit in.

  • Anthony Edwards really is the best fit alongside D'Angelo Russell alongside Karl Anthony towns.

  • There's a kid who can really, really score the ball at a high level.

  • He's 65 £230.6 10 wingspan.

  • He's explosive, downhill to the rim.

  • He can stop on a dime and pull up from anywhere.

  • Needs to improve his decision making in his defense.

  • But coming there, he's gonna able to play to his strengths and really fit in with that group.

  • Whereas James Wiseman a little bit of similar to call anything.

  • Towns.

  • And then you have Lemelle a ball who is a little bit similar to D'Angelo.

  • Russell is Well, it's so interesting.

  • Fascinating to see, like how these GM how everybody is assessing this and a draft coming up in November.

  • Just crazy stuff.

  • But we do appreciate the insight.

  • Looking forward to all the drama.

  • Wednesday at 7 30.

  • Eastern Thank you, Thank you.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

can't believe the draft is this week.

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