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  • Welcome back to SportsCenter.

  • Breaking news from the NBA.

  • Adrian Ward Yanovsky, our senior MBA insider with us.

  • Whoa!

  • What do you have?

  • The big one, Chris Paul is headed to the Phoenix Suns.

  • He'll go in a multi player deal from Oklahoma City and now the sons and Robert Sarver in the Western Conference.

  • They become a real factor in this Western Conference race.

  • Devin Booker very much wanted Chris Paul, uh, in this trade and really pushed the organization.

  • And now Chris Paul is headed, uh, in a package.

  • And I'm told you gonna include Ricky Rubio.

  • Uh, Kelly, you bre?

  • Uh, Jalen, look, you a 24,022 1st round pick from Phoenix to Oklahoma City, who now have 17 1st round picks.

  • Whoa.

  • Between now and 2026 uh, in Thai.

  • Jerome, who was a draft pick of theirs last year, Uh, in Phoenix.

  • But for the sons bringing on Chris Paul at this point in his career off of a tremendous season, really?

  • Reach recreated his value again with the thunder.

  • Last year, there were those who thought Oklahoma City might have toe given asset to get his contract off, and instead they get some good young players.

  • They get another first round pick.

  • But the sons who played great in the bubble this summer with Monty Williams.

  • Chris Paul This is the first time in a very long time Robert Sarver has had this kind of leadership with this organization.

  • And Chris Paul gets a chance to be with a young team with very much of an upper trajectory in the Western Conference.

  • What's the long term plan for O.

  • K.

  • C.

  • And making this move?

  • Well, you're going to continue to see Okay, See, with these veteran players continue, I think, to move off assets, they have Steven Adams.

  • Uh, they have, uh, you know, certainly still on All star level center in the Western Conference.

  • You know, they traded Dennis Shrewder.

  • That was finalized.

  • Hey, goes to the, uh, to the Lakers.

  • But this is an Oklahoma City team that's got shade.

  • Gill.

  • Just Alexander, who's their point guard of the future.

  • And they have more assets than any organization has ever assembled and putting together rebuild, and they're gonna get a lot of cracks at it.

  • They got two first round picks in this draft Wednesday night.

  • Chris Paul to the sons.

  • Okay, see rebuilding for the future.

  • Adrian Ward Janowski with the very latest.

  • Thank you, brother.

  • Thank you.

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Welcome back to SportsCenter.

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The Suns are trading for Chris Paul - Woj | SportsCenter

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