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  • Yeah, In central China, there is a province called Hunan that's famous for its hot on spicy flavors.

  • Chef Joe Younger is on a mission to reconnect with his family roots on to rediscover the spicy flavors off his ancestral home.

  • Yeah, Joe was born into an aristocratic family in Shanghai.

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  • Joe's grandmother never let family forget their Hunan roots.

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  • Kuwait Matonga Yeah, whether it's doing fermenting, braising or smoking food, people in Hunan love packing their dishes with a spicy punch to make a tub of chili paste Bill adding over £80 of freshly chopped chili peppers.

  • Wow, hold Houna is not just known for spies.

  • The landlocked province is also famous for its massive rise.

  • Terrorists is perched on mountains, but they come in different shapes and sizes and stretch across thousands of acres of land.

  • Some have been around for more than 2000 years and they're not just for growing rise chow people.

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  • Uh, they're also home to fish, which Hunan people like to eat for their collagen happening with fanfare.

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Yeah, in with physical Ali Toyo Ika decision, you could even attack.

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A Chef’s Search for the Spicy Flavors of His Ancestors

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/17
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