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  • Now you got to talk about why it's called East Coast.

  • Okay, so I was in the East Coast my whole life.

  • The whole thing is a journey.

  • Hip hop itself West Coast and East Coast music like nineties with all the beef and stuff.

  • So I just thought that like a, um, technically saying we are the really East Coast.

  • I like the sound event.

  • I was in the East Coast my whole life.

  • So the first episodes Bowen, because I feel like a lot of my generation could relate to Bowens experience.

  • I don't really feel like I fit in here.

  • I don't really feel like I fit in there.

  • And Bowen, it's music speaks right into that.

  • All these terms, like Chinese rapper, which is all making hip hop music.

  • I happen to be Chinese.

  • It's a good way to start because our audience would relate to him more on then.

  • The second one is yeti out.

  • Do this underground party.

  • Eventually, the spread out into Shanghai, Hong Kong and London started doing worldwide parties so they would exploit eastern talent to the West region.

  • We will always west the east.

  • We're now inviting DJs M.

  • C.

  • s live artists over from China into Europe.

  • Name Xiao with James Mouth.

  • He's currently behind the scene making these videos, helping to promote Chinese talent in the West like that, like really motivate you and makes you want to keep going because he's like influencing the next generation on.

  • Then the fourth episode.

  • We have this international city, Hong Kong, and that you have a rapper as a rising star right now who only raps in English.

  • Every kid has, like, their own little world inside of them that they don't express in real life.

  • You know, I'm just like any other kid.

  • That's why I tell my story.

  • In my songs, we move on to Stanley, which is like the gateway to the Chinese hip hop like local scene, because he started this YouTube platform that only focus on local talents and china at that time frame, like the best thing you could do or just keep on pumping on content content is King knowing his platform?

  • I wanted to show d j word because you can't talk about the new generation without showing you award the O.

  • G s in the game.

  • You like my blood?

  • Uh, like all the scratch or the big juggling like 10 table records.

  • I wanna do this.

  • I would be this guy.

  • He himself is one of the very first turn tape was in China.

  • I want to end the whole Siri's with the homegrown hero with Johnny J.

  • Wraps his mail going to in and that's it.

  • Personally, I was hoping that our audience, um and stuff jumping straight into Oh, why why should I care about this Chinese hip hop artist?

  • They will have to patients to, like, really learn about how far hip hop has reached the theme.

  • Whole thing is a journey.

  • The idea is that, like, I want to at least show our audience that there is a lot off the younger generation right now.

  • Street culture, hip hop, that's what they're under the influence off.

  • And they want to do better for that culture doesn't matter if they're Chinese.

  • Doesn't matter who they are, so it's huge.

  • It's actually affecting a lot of flight, the youth, and why not talk about it?

  • It's a good thing to show all these different characters, so all walks oflife theater, right?

  • So, yeah, that's the sole purpose off this Siri's.

  • It's just to break the stereotype fax.

Now you got to talk about why it's called East Coast.

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Why We Did a Series on Chinese Hip-Hop - East Coast (S1E8)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/17
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