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  • last time you were here, you had just gotten married.

  • You just got married.

  • And I'm wondering, you know, Yeah, very nice.

  • Good.

  • It's a good thing.

  • How How is your wife MEREDITH doing?

  • How is the marriage going?

  • MEREDITH is amazing.

  • Uh, she has been I mean, she's basically turned every she she took me from the depths of despair and not only got me back to normal, but then took me to some heights I didn't kind of know existed in terms of happiness.

  • Um, that does not to say that everything is perfect.

  • Um, a couple months ago, Um, before I tell the story everything that she did in the story she did with utmost love and and good intentions.

  • Okay, But we got into a huge blowout fight.

  • It was one of those fights, and I'm like, I'm gonna go.

  • I'm gonna go on a hike.

  • I left the house to go on a hike and blow off steam, and she went fine going, you stupid hike.

  • So, halfway through my hike, I hit me.

  • I'm being ridiculous.

  • This is I'm being so stupid.

  • What?

  • What is this about?

  • We're fighting over nothing.

  • And unbeknownst to me.

  • She was home.

  • Also going.

  • What do we do?

  • This is so dumb.

  • What?

  • We're acting like eight year olds.

  • So she knows where I go in my house Because she goes with me sometimes.

  • And so she knows where I come out.

  • When?

  • That when the hike is over, Where I parked my car.

  • So she went to the parking lot and put I brought it.

  • I want you to look at this.

  • She left.

  • She put this note under my windshield for when I came when I finished the hike.

  • Okay, I'm going to read you the note.

  • This is the note.

  • All right.

  • You can maybe do a close up later.

  • So I'm done with the hike I get to my car.

  • There's this notice on my windshield.

  • I take it off.

  • I opened it up.

  • First word.

  • Stop, period.

  • Look, you can actually see.

  • Stop.

  • All right, then.

  • Get out of your car, period.

  • Walk to the park bench in front of you, period.

  • And then finally.

  • I love you, period.

  • Now that I love you, that's beautiful.

  • That is a long, terrifying walk.

  • Thio.

  • When you're sitting there and according to stop, Get out of your car.

  • I'm immediately I like.

  • Look for a laser dot Like on my thistle is what a psychotic hitman leave on a windshield on.

  • Then I also realized like and then when 11.

  • 0, and then she was over there.

  • But this cheat, the pacing of this is the same pacing that you would be like when you get that college, If you're child or loved, one is kidnapped.

  • And they used the weird voice changer, you know?

  • But by the way, if if that was happening, then the I love you becomes the most terrifying part where you're like, Stop, Get out of your car, walk through the park, Bench it for all of you.

  • I love you.

  • Uh, you know, uh, that's fantastic.

  • But it wasn't so much fun to live, but it was a good fight, sir.

  • It's all part of it.

  • Fighting and arguing.

  • It's all part of it.

last time you were here, you had just gotten married.

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Patton Oswalt’s Wife Left Him A Terrifying Note - CONAN on TBS

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