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  • mhm.

  • Picture your house being like this.

  • What will you dio?

  • Where would you go?

  • You don't know anything about that like you can imagine.

  • Like I wasn't even able to imagine.

  • Like, if this happens to me, what I'm gonna do I didn't even recognize it.

  • Yeah, there was structure.

  • There was still a ceiling, but there was not everywhere It stinks.

  • When I got into my house Wow, it waas stuff from the kitchen waas in the bathrooms.

  • And I was like, How this even this even got in here?

  • Um, the I don't know, like, I don't know.

  • I barely remember right now it's the TV, everything Waas Not like nothing left nothing left.

  • Yeah, Gina late at night, We're not, like, really able to see anything.

  • It was raining real hard, and my family were like going here, going there, checking the rivers, moving, you know, from one place to another e I grabbed my computer, I put it on the car.

  • Then I was like, OK, some some clothes because you're not You have to take fast.

  • When we were at the car, uh, water started coming from the back of my house.

  • Take this take that.

  • I'll take the dogs and dogs were not showing up like we were calling them.

  • The house was that I mean, it was so dark.

  • Even the lights were like going down and everything.

  • It was crazy.

  • It was kind of a movie I describe WAY was a little town that took a, like, a lot of years to to be where it waas, like in front of my house.

  • It was like a like a main street.

  • So in the morning you go here in the car is like, um, passing like green.

  • Five seconds at the beginning was bothering me, you know, the noise.

  • But I got used to it at the time and people like, uh, walking on the street, you know, going also toe work, or it's going to school.

  • I love these things I just mentioned were underwater, and, uh, everything for them also was lost in my country.

  • It takes ah lot of time to just purchase a TV.

  • So I'm just thinking, like how we're going to be able to even portions of it when my mom basically has no job, because the school got got lost.

  • Also in this thing what's coming for us now way have no clue.

  • And as a person, I think that this is going to be a crazy story.


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