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  • just over a month since Nigerians took to the streets to protest against police brutality.

  • Some demonstrators say they are now being targeted by authorities for their participation in the end SARS movement now.

  • In early October, young Nigerians began demonstrating, calling for the ban off SARS.

  • There was a notorious police unit that had long been accused of violent harassment.

  • Now the protests erupted after a video showed a SARS officer allegedly shooting a man in Delta State before driving off.

  • Now peaceful protests organized under the hashtag and SARS spread across the country and to Nigerian diaspora communities around the world.

  • The two weeks of protests ended when security forces fired live rounds on demonstrators in Lagos, killing several people.

  • No okay, so for more on this crackdown on Ansar's activist, I'm joined at the table by our very own told me a lot of good to see you told me so just how do people say that they were being targeted by the authorities in this in this crackdown?

  • Well, there's a range of complaints.

  • First of all, local media were reporting that the central bank had obtained a court order to freeze the accounts off a list of people who had taken part in in the protests.

  • We've also heard reports of people being picked up from their homes from different locations being arrested were just under some tweets.

  • Now off complaints off some of these arrests where people are saying they because they took part in the in the protests, they are being targeted.

  • This person lists six people in Abuja who were picked up on DSO says that these people are being detained in prison for covering all participating in the protests to go to the next tweet, which eyes one of the main.

  • One of the main voices is a comedian who said armed thugs came that came to disrupt the protests were not arrested.

  • Up until now, none of them is in detention.

  • It's the peaceful protesters who are being arrested and intimidated.

  • And he lifts a journalist who died in one of these protests who was taken away by police on then his body was found and nobody has been held accountable for that.

  • They've been attempts to de register and advocacy organization that took part in thes in this movement as well.

  • Some people have fled for their safety on even some people's passports have been seized to prevent them from leaving the country.

  • Wow.

  • Okay, um, have have have the authorities.

  • The officials in Nigeria said anything about about what's going on.

  • The arrests, the season off, passports, bank accounts being frozen.

  • We've not had sort of blanket, uh, claim of responsibility targeting the SARS movement.

  • Um, the authorities will refer to specific cases and, for example, with the season of the passport, the Interior Ministry said, There's there's a denied allegations that there is a no fly list and they're saying people are allowed toe travel.

  • But for example, the Immigration Department said that some of the passports that were seized were done so at the request off an unnamed security agency.

  • Eso you have cases like that?

  • The police have come out to say that they even put out a statement saying that they are going to use legitimate force if there's any violent protests going on.

  • So this is an attempt to hit back really right, Tommy, we don't have too much more time quickly.

  • What is the state of the insoles movement now?

  • The people are no longer in the streets as we know, but the movement is still going on online.

  • They've stopped fundraising for now.

  • They're still trying to help people who were wounded in the in the in the protests and people who arrested and trying to get them out.

  • But as a whole, it doesn't have the same mo mentum it once had.

  • But you never know if there were to be another killing, who's to say what would happen?

  • But the people are still upset at the way the government has handled this.

  • All right, Tomi Oladipo, as ever.

  • Thank you.

just over a month since Nigerians took to the streets to protest against police brutality.

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Nigeria: Police retaliation against protesters?

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