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  • British people love to exaggerate. We say things 

  • aren't literally true in order to make an  

  • impact. We use 'forever' to say that something 

  • takes a very, very long time. 'Sorry i'm late.  

  • I was stuck in traffic forever.'

  • We use the phrase 'dying for' to say that we really, really need  

  • something. Obviously, we're not literally dying.

  • 'I'm dying for a cup of coffee.' If something is  

  • hurting a lot, we can exaggerate using the phrase

  • 'it's killing me' or 'it's killing'. Again,  

  • we are not literally being killed.

  • 'My tooth is killing me.' We exaggerate by using very,  

  • very large numbers like 'thousands' and 'millions'.

  • Again, this is not literal - it's 

  • just a way to say 'a lot'.

  • 'I'm so busy. I've got thousands of emails to reply to.'  

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British people love to exaggerate. We say things 

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4 ways to exaggerate like a Brit - English In A Minute

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