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  • We've seen frustrated Tom Brady on the sideline this year and rightfully so in those moments.

  • That's very reasonable Tom Brady making a lot of sense about all this.

  • But Marcus, when you think about this, how much of the blame for the struggles with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers falls on Tom Brady's own shoulders?

  • I give him about 20% of the 80 and I'm gonna be honest with you.

  • Be A and Byron Leftwich have not helped him like, First of all, this is not Tom Brady has been in the league a long time.

  • When Ryan played in the NFL.

  • When I played in the NFL, you knew damn well when you got pressure on Tom Brady.

  • He was gonna struggle.

  • That's been the case forever.

  • And be a and burn left, which people?

  • I want to throw 15 20 yard routes down the field.

  • They don't want to run a screen game.

  • They don't want to figure out how to get this run game going, like it's all about the weapons and the talent.

  • And I gotta apologize to the American people because I'm dressed like a president today, So I said it that way.

  • But The bottom line is this.

  • You cannot put him in that situation At 43 years old.

  • You cannot think that the talent is going to be good enough without continuity.

  • Like we talk about football from the context all of the time.

  • You can buy a championships in basketball.

  • We've seen it happen.

  • You can do it in baseball.

  • We've seen it happen.

  • You cannot buy championships in the NFL.

  • They have to get this figured out right now.

  • Now Tom Brady throwing the ball across the field for interception.

  • Yeah, that's dumb Tom Brady throwing in the coverage.

  • That's a problem.

  • But a lot of this is based off of asking him to do things that he is not accustomed to do.

  • Are not built to do with these with this team right now.

  • Marcus.

  • Marcus, Marcus, I hate to do this to you because we are teammates.

  • Didn't you say, like, a couple of weeks ago, Tom Brady was the M.

  • V P.

  • Did you say, like Russell Wilson let him back in the race to be the M V P.

  • And so now all he gets 20%.

  • So it was be a and buying language doing a great job him and helping, you know?

  • Sure.

  • Go ahead.

  • Gets told you go ahead.

  • Meaning next.

  • His first.

  • I don't wanna let me go.

  • I don't want to come in the Oh, sure.

  • Okay.

  • I'll talk then.

  • Damn it!

  • Let me talk.

  • Let me respond to the gentleman from Louisiana.

  • Here's the deal.

  • Are See when we look at these last two weeks the last two weeks against the New York Giants And also this shellacking that they got against the New Orleans Saints.

  • What was different about them?

  • Games?

  • E mean, they adjusted in the second half.

  • Just but the Giants are bad.

  • Daniel Jones allowed them to be in that game consistently.

  • It's been terrible.

  • Offensive plans are C.

  • We've been screaming Throw the ball, the ground, the screaming used the screen game lady from a game.

  • Go ahead and claim her time.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Um, earlier, we talked about how Marcus your apparel made you fit to talk about Aaron Donald versus the Seahawks offensive line.

  • Now I'm gonna talk about how Ryan is appropriately dressed to talk about the Carolina defense.

  • Much like it looks like Ryan got his sweater at Gap kids this defense is full of Children on.

  • That's why Tom Brady has got a shred today.

  • Now they've got some great talented rookies.

  • I love Jeremy Chin.

  • You all know I love Brian Burns, but this is a very different defense from the one we just saw in New Orleans, and I don't think Brady's gonna have nearly as much trouble against them.

  • Brian is that towel used every day for you, or is that a different one comes out Sometimes I got six of them, six of them.

  • I'm sick of him.

  • I'm sick of Meiring, Kobe's terrible towel.

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We've seen frustrated Tom Brady on the sideline this year and rightfully so in those moments.

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How much blame does Tom Brady deserve for the Bucs’ recent struggles? | NFL Live

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/15
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